Meet Sara Traore, a 23 year-old Toronto native who recently returned home after finishing school at McGill (smart cookie alert!). This girl is a world traveller, if you couldn’t already tell from the first three photos I posted above. No, those are not shots of exotic southern Ontario, or rural Quebec, believe it or not. They are actually from a stunning collection of photos from her time in Antigua and Croatia.

Sara’s work was brought to my attention by the girls of Shoppalu, who I have collaborated with for the new series of What I Wore. I was attracted to Sara’s work for its exoticness and the incredible punchy colours she captures. Since spring/summer is upon us, I really wanted the new series to have a fun and bright vibe to reflect the new season, and Sara was obviously the perfect person for this.

The new What I Wore launches tomorrow so get excited!! In the meantime, you can check out more of Sara’s work below and on her website, facebook and tumblr.

sara10 Sara9 Sara8 Sara7 Sara6 Sara5 Sara3 Sara2 Sara1