Attention! I am extremely pleased to introduce my latest “What I Wore” collaborator, photographer David Gillespie. If you live in Toronto and frequent the Queen West – Parkdale scene, you might know or recognize Dave as that tall skinny guy with the long rockstar hair, skinny jeans, cowboy boots, vintage band tee and Carrera glasses. He is basically that hot ’70s dude transported straight into 2012 for our visual pleasure.

I met Dave years ago through his brother, DJ Lazy Ray (one of this city’s best DJs) when we were working on our weekly party called Just Say Yes which took place in a basement covered in a jungle murals. That was quite a memorable six-weeks in our lives, to say the least. Anyway, Dave happens to have quite a talent for taking a damn cool photo, and I love that he still (mainly) shoots film. Needless to say I was over the moon when he agreed to shoot me for What I Wore. Check out some snaps above that Dave took of me and a few pals on the night of Beerfest this past summer, below are some selections from his online portfolio that I love.

All images by David Gillespie –

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