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If you caught my first post about the #GCfit plan, then you’ll already be familiar with my intentions to get back into shape before the end of March — just in time for an exciting trip where I won’t be able to hide under a giant parka anymore.

The first week of #GCfit went pretty well. I stuck to my meal plan with lemon water in the morning, a smoothie for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch and protein dinner. Although I allowed myself a glass of wine with dinner, on most days I didn’t end up drinking or had the equivalent of about 2 ounces of wine.

All was going well until the weekend hit and I split off into two extremes. On one side I had become obsessed with the idea that juicing was the answer for the outcome I desire (I even bought a juicer), and on the other my cheat meals were getting naughtier and naughtier, with more and more drinks alongside them.

More than actual cravings, the cheating occurred during social commitments that made it harder to control what I was eating and drinking. In the end, I figured that juicing for 75% of the day would help balance things out. Wishful thinking no doubt!

Overall, I was fairly happy with my commitment to the first week and a half of the plan, minus falling off towards the end half. For the most part I was able to stay on track without hating my life completely, and I felt good as well as felt I had “deflated” a bit since starting.

As mentioned in my first post, I am not a nutritionist and the plan I had created for me to follow the first week was completely made up by me. For this reason, I decided to call upon my friend Jessica Morris of Jessica Morris Health to help advise on what I’ve been doing so far, and what I should keep doing to see the results I want by the end of the month.

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There’s Jess pictured in the middle, sandwiched between Alex of I’m A Little and me last year when she taught us 10 great at-home workout moves at #CasaGC.

As a CNP and personal trainer, Jess really knows her stuff. To be honest it wasn’t a huge surprise when she informed me that my homemade plan for Week 1 of #GCfit was essentially on the totally wrong track for getting me to where I want to be by the end of the month.

When Jess and I met over a fresh pot of mint tea at Colette Grand Cafe in the Thompson Hotel, she was quick to point out that my current diet was way too high in sugars and way too low in protein. Since there’s now only 22 days until I get on a plane for the big trip, Jess helped me create a new plan to follow that she says is a little “extreme”, but, will help me get the results I want in the short amount of time we have.

Take a look at the new #GCfit plan by Jessica Morris Health below:

Morning: A tall glass of warm lemon water (woo! one thing I was doing right during week one).

Breakfast: An all-green veggie smoothie with one scoop of Vega One Vanilla protein powder.

*Jess really emphasized cutting out all fruits for the next 22 days to completely remove all sugar intake. Now my smoothies will include leafy greens, water, and a bit of lemon along with the protein powder which she says will help keep me feeling full and help with digestion.*

Snack: Goodbye daily apple, the only snack I can have now are healthy nuts like almonds or cashews!

Noon: Continue with my lunchtime cardio workouts, although Jess will be helping me with weight training this month and says that realistically I should be weight training 4-5 times  a week.

Post workout: Immediately post workout Jess suggests drinking almond milk mixed with protein powder, chia seeds can also be added if desired, or soaked over night in almond milk to create a decadent treat.

Lunch: Since I’ve been so happy having transitioned to veggie-only lunches about a year ago, Jess and I went back and forth about adding more protein to my lunches. Jess recommends a big leafy green salad with lean protein dressed in a salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar. If I want to limit meat intake, we’ve agreed that a hard boiled egg on the salad is a great option. Since I have to stay away from sugar and carbs, things like chick peas, lentils, quinoa, and root vegetables (etc) are all off limits.

Snack: Along with nuts, Jess suggests half an avocado as a great snack to give me the healthy fats I need. Also, roasted seaweed or kale chips.

Workout 2: Two times a week after work I will now be training with Jess with a focus on weight training to sculpt my body back into a hot one! Yay!! I’ll also be continuing with Bikram yoga classes with a goal of 2-3 times a week.

Dinner: Similar to lunch, dinner is all about eating lean protein and more green veggies. Thankfully dinner is when I love to eat protein!

Wine: You probably noticed from my first post that wine was a pretty big issue for me. Well, it’s time to say goodbye for the next 22 days because Jess says I can’t have ANY wine ever. If you see me crying on the side of the street this month, you’ll know why.

Supplements: Jess provided her top 3 supplement recommendations for me to take in the morning and evening every day. Here’s what they are and why:

1.  fish oil liquid-gels + D she says these are great because they also contain Vitamin D (which we get VERY little of living in Canada barely being exposed by the sun) and are awesome for reducing inflammation in the body, losing fat, great for hair/skin/nails and brain health!

2. Womens One Daily Multi Vitamin Fermented and organic, Jess loves New Chapter Women’s Daily One to keep all your vitamin and minerals covered for the day, that you may not be getting in your food (even if it’s organic!)

3. Probiotics Jess says to look for any brand with a multi-strain probiotic to feed the health bacteria and protect your immune system and gut health. Look for 10 CFU’s.


Of course throughout all of this Jess recommends lots of water and green tea if needed. One good thing is she says I can have coffee. There is a God!!

Thank you Jess!!





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