For NYE 2012, I managed to convince one of my Teen Vogue besties Sara Louise (aka “SLC” aka “Squirrel”) to come up to Toronto from NYC for the weekend. Since Squirrel has never been to the T-dot before, we spent the day of NYE shopping around Queen West and Kensington Market.  One of our last shopping stops of the day was at Pretty Freedom,  the cutest vintage store on Augusta that is run by my lovely friend Jodi.

After we all hugged, laughed, screamed and got over our big orgy of happiness brought on by our surprise visit, we began discussing NYE outfits. SLC was already set, she had packed a nearly floor length sequin zebra print dress, Jodi still needed to source an outfit, and I mentioned that I had black lace bustier in mind, but wasn’t sure if it was “the one” for the night. Instantly Jodi’s eyes widened and his ears perked up “like, a corset? Are you looking for a corset? I JUST got a 90s one in…. it’s velvet and mesh.” 90s? crushed velvet? mesh!? GIMME GIMME GIMME! So he ran to the back and returned holding the above, “oh, ps. it’s vintage Le Chateau, put it on right now.”

And then in some sort of NYE miracle, it fit perfectly. Picture here another orgy of laughing, screaming, twit pic-ing and happiness. My outfit was set. Below you can see my outfit in action, when I danced around as a tiger. Then there is SLC being “a naught squirrel tiger!” in a her sequin zebra dress, and our tiger DJ of the night!