Here we are, part two of my uber late NXNE diaries. This one is dedicated to the Dineen family, love y’all xo.

NXNE Day 2.

Lucky for me, my lovely friend, Hayley Dineen, moved back home from London, UK just days after I did. Better yet? We live only blocks away from each other in the east end of the city. The Dineen household has four children, and the parents have recently (and unknowingly) adopted a fifth child – that new child being me. It’s quite a convenient adoption considering how comfortable I am around them and how often I am over, plus, no paper work to worry about!

Above is mama Dineen proudly showing off her bowl of lettuce she grew on their rooftop. She is the most serious Urban Farmer in Cabbagetown,  and her garden is filled with carrots, peppers, zucchinis… even eggplant! Urban Farming is so cool, I am obsessed.

Anyway, after many hours spent drinking sangria in their backyard with friends, we all head out to the Vice party on Dundas west. I’ve not been to a Vice party since my early university years, but knowing they most often supply free booze to attendees, I am down.

We arrive. BIG line up and I am not pleased. We decide to wait around, and when we finally get in we are greeted by a very large, and mostly empty room. FOR REAL!? Ok, calm down I tell myself, free booze will fix this! Then I get handed a HOT beer. I am most definitely at a Vice party, and I suddenly remember why I haven’t been to one in years.

The next best part of this party is dear Hayley’s “Farmer Joe” crush showing up – how lovely for her to flirt with a beautiful farm man, while I get stuck with his weird, short, greasy sidekick who keeps telling me to stop texting and get off my phone. The tongue lashing that pursued is far too vulgar to be shared with you gentle-tongued readers. I really don’t like it when random people try and tell me what to do.

Things get better. Farmer Joe, sidekick, Hayley and myself jump into a cab and head to the Horseshoe Tavern. We’re standing at the bar with the boys in front of us, when they turn around with beers for themselves, nothing for us, and never asked what we might like. Guys, seriously, whether you’re buying a round or not, at least ask the girls what they would like to drink too, its just plain courtesy. Duh.

I’m at boiling point here, not only has my mind been blown by horrible semi-date etiquette but Fucked Up is playing at Wrongbar in 5 minutes. I grab everyone and track down a cab – off we go to Parkdale, even though Farmer Joe thinks Wrongbar is “really far on Queen East” oi vey…

We run into Wrongbar just in time to catch the last bit of Fucked Up’s set, and the crowd is going wild. The next minute I find myself in a cab with Richie and friends, while the cabbie tries to secure the trunk lid over Richie’s bike with a phone charger – I love this man – he truly understands great customer service. We’re off to the NOW lounge after-hours, I’d prefer to stop for pizza, but when we get to the spot I am greeted with an open bar and catered food – my god, I’m in heaven!

The pizza I never got that night (but got the next day)

While sussing out the late-night snack options, a boy with an afro next to me pops a mini mozzarella ball into my mouth before introducing himself to me as Nathan from The Midway State. I’ve never heard of his band but turns out Richie and our friend George shot his music video, and so he joins our party. 5am, I stumble home. I love that the NOW Lounge is only a couple blocks from my house. NXNE, you’ve been good to me tonight.