So, obviously NXNE 2011 took place back in June and this post is just a teeny tiny bit late. But I had such a wild time that week it was sad not to have a place to post my diary (RIP London Snog), and so I’ve decided to post it four months later right here. Better late than never right? Yay!

Here’s the first part, more to come…


It’s day 1 one of Toronto’s annual NXNE musical festival and I’m hanging out at the festival headquarters – the new Hyatt Regency at King and John Street. Unlike most people, scurrying to sort out their passes in the hotel lobby, I am lounging by the rooftop pool with my friend Richie Cureton. Worried about getting my pass? Moi? Non.

While I may sound like a VIP guest, it just so happens that I snuck up here, on this day of 40-degree heat. Unfortunately, I soon realise their high security requires a special key to enter change rooms, bathrooms and bar areas, so we hop over to the rooftop pool of the Thompson Hotel instead #toughlife right?

At 6pm I decide it’s time to sort out that press pass. When I get back to the NXNE HQ the lines have disappeared, and I stroll straight up to the reception, and say “Yes it’s me, Gracie Carroll from ELLE UK – press pass please!” “Um, what? L-U-K is it?” is the response I get from a girl peering out from behind her computer screen.  A few blinks and blank stares later, she finally puts things together and hands me my pass – success!

Last minute I get an invite to a press dinner – a soiree of a delish food to try out pop-up resto, BOXED, at The Mascot cafe in Parkdale. How could I pass up a six-course meal? Sorry NXNE, but you’ll have to wait.

Close to midnight, I dash out of the BOXED dinner with a buzz and slight stomach bulge, and head straight to see Montreal’s We Are Wolves at the Horseshoe. The crowd is busy and I reminisce inside one of my favourite venues in the city – I’ve seen so many great shows and great friends play on that stage over the years. I’ve missed this place.

Next I find myself in the basement of the Crawford on College, winding it out to the Moombahton beats being played by my girl DJ Lucie Tic. The temperature is about 500 degrees and all us sweaty gals take a liking to dancing up against the high-powered fan placed on the floor. If you’re ever looking for ways to spice up a party, I recommend wearing a floaty dress and standing in front of a fan – so many Marilyn moments in such a short period of time, I made many new friends tonight.


(The above is what it looked like, no really.)

Oh 4am last call, how I love you, but it’s time to head home.