T’was an All Canadian Christmas party with North Star last night at The Drake Hotel – complete with mini burgers, mini mac ‘n cheese and mini grilled cheese sandwiches – nice! I always say: “you know it’s a good party when they serve mini burgers” – true story!

But it wasn’t just their delicious mini burgers (served with bacon, so extra high five) that won me over last night, for I am a serious sucker for a good sweatshirt and oooh have they got some good ones. A bit about North Star: the brand was founded by Bata Corporation in the late 40s in Batawa, Ontario and created the iconic “Jogger” style (honestly, what would we have done without the jogger!?). Now North Star looks back to their storied archives for inspiration to design their “Classic Canadian Sportswear” that needs to be in your closet, so make some room.

Check out Drake (the rapper, not the hotel) rocking a North Star sweatshirt in the November issue of Complex Magazine via the North Star blog. And go check out The Drake (hotel, not the rapper) General Store to check out their garments in person (or HERE to shop online).