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After a few hit and miss experiences, I tend to have love/hate relationship with eyelash extensions. For the most part, I love the way they look, but, I’ve also suffered through painful applications and a few too many botched jobs in the past. That’s not true for all of my experiences thus far of course, and I’ve definitely had some wonderful applications with very talented people who have given me the lashes of my dreams. The truth is, I have very sensitive eyes and have found that the difficulty of cleaning eyelash extensions properly can often cause irritation in my eyes, which has kept me from having my lashes done again since last fall.

When I received an email from Miranda Voth, the Founder of Toronto-based company MV Beauty Lab, I was instantly intrigued by the mention of her newly launched Lash Extension Cleanser product. I’m always attracted to innovative people, and I loved that Miranda took it upon herself to create a specially formulated cleanser for her clients after realising there wasn’t anything on the market. Since she had invited me to her studio for a complimentary eyelash session and to check out the new product, I gladly accepted and paid her a visit.

Upon arrival, we decided it would be fun to create a YouTube video to document my eyelash extensions before and after experience. Take a look at the video below to see the results for yourself!

Miranda’s application process was so comfortable, and painless! She is super gentle and happy to let you rest while she applies each individual lash, or chat with you while Drake plays in the background (YAS). I really loved how natural her application looked and how light the lashes felt. My lashes were longer and fuller but didn’t leave me feeling like I had two giant fans applied to my eyelids.

After 24 hours, I was able to get my lashes wet again and loved using her Lash Extension Cleanser. Not only is it Made in Canada, but it smells like roses and is super gentle on your skin and lashes. I loved my experience and would definitely recommend a visit to MV Beauty Lab for an appointment and/or trying her amazing cleanser!

Thank you Miranda!!



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