Vintage Ink wine - Spencer Harrington tattoo - Ontario wine

Relaxing at the #CarrollCottage with a bottle of Vintage Ink wine

To be totally honest, I don’t have any tattoos, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an appreciation for the art form. I do, however, have a great appreciation for the art of wine making, and my great love for wine is well known to all. The worlds of tattoo and wine colliding may be an unlikely one (aside from late nights after a few too many bottles of wine and stumbling into a random tattoo shop, perhaps), but I was all ears when I first caught wind of the Canadian brand, Vintage Ink Wines.

As a wine lover and huge supporter of Canadian brands and businesses, I’m always on the look out for great local wines to buy on the regular. Unfortunately, many of our homegrown wines get a bad rap their quality, taste and high prices. While I do think it helps to try and find the right local wines that work for you, I don’t agree that you can’t find quality wines in Canada, because I for one have enjoyed many!

I felt very lucky when a package of Vintage Ink wine showed up at my door for me to try. I instantly loved the unique logo design (I’ll admit I often buy wines based on my attraction to its branding), and was intrigued by the limited edition label created by Toronto-based tattoo artist Spencer Harrington for the Vintage Ink contest that was held last summer.

spencer harrington tattoo vintage ink wine

one of Harrington’s many works of art via @harringtontattoo

The We Are Made of Stories contest was created to promote Vintage Ink wines across Ontario and British Columbia.  The creative contest was advertised to art and tattoo enthusiasts across both provinces, giving participants the chance to showcase their personal tattoos online and enter the contest for a chance to have their ink displayed on a limited edition bottle of Vintage Ink wine. The winning artwork is a ship-in-a-bottle tattoo that Harrington had created for his friend Crispin that they decided to submit.

After a few sips of the bold Merlot Cabernet, I couldn’t help but giggle as I studied the limited edition label more closely. Not only does the illustration feature a ship inside a bottle, but the bottle is upside down and shown nearly empty with a few droplets falling from the spout – as if to show how easy it is to drink the wine and how quickly it will be gone!

Vintage Ink wine - Spencer Harrington tattoo - Ontario wine

As you can see, I’ve been happily enjoying Vintage Ink wines this summer and have certainly added this brand to my list of favourite local Canadian wines. If you’re looking to try more Ontario and B.C. wines, I would definitely recommend grabbing a bottle to share with your friends and family!




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