It’s that special time of year again when the One of a Kind show hits Toronto! On now until April 1st at the Direct Energy Centre, the theme of this spring-time edition is “handmade beyond your imagination.” Fittingly, OOAK launched the show with an early morning media breakfast that was handcrafted by Artisan Chef Claudia Gaviria of CrudaCafe. From cupcakes to pancakes, cinnamon rolls and wraps, it was obvious that every single vegan and gluten-free piece of food was created with tender loving care. Not only was the presentation incredible, but it tasted super yummy too!

I love the One of a Kind show because it is such a great mix artisans that range from old school mom and pop businesses, to young and artistic entrepreneurs. After downing a few shots of fresh vegetable juice post breakfast, I wandered around to check out this season’s talent. Take a look at what I found!

1. Lemon and poppy seed cupcakes with edible flowers by Chef Claudia – stunning!

2. My breakfast plate: fruit pancake, “quiche” with sundried tomatoes and scrambled tofu wrap

3. These porcelain jars are cast from old glass ones found by Claire Madill, the artist behind Heydey Design. She says they’re great for everything from using them to drink out of, or holding a fresh bouquet of flowers!

4. This guy was awesome because when he found me snooping around his booth he asked me if I was in the market for a new table. I felt really flattered that a) he thought I could afford one of his designs and b) that I was even capable of owning a home. Holtz Furniture is the beez neez, and you know that when the time comes in my life that both a and b are true, I will be giving him a call.

5. When I posted this photo on Instagram, someone thought I had photographed my dinner. Even though this does look like a delicious stew I might make, it is actually a pot the Ultra Rejuvenating Facial Scrub by DaLish Cosmetics - one of my favourite Toronto skincare and cosmetics companies. This scrub is so full of natural goodness (crushed rose petals, essential oils) that you could probably eat it for dinner, for now, however, I recommend only feeding it to your skin.

6. This is my little pack of goodies that I bought at the show. Also from Dalish, I bought the Ultra Defense Day to Night Eye Cream, that creator Melanie Cruickshank tells me she based off of Creme de la Mer. Except that this one will cost you $45 instead of nearly $200. I hate wearing foundation, but some is normally required under the eyes to cover up late nights and lack of sleep. Melanie makes a really great light and smooth, natural option that does its job and is good to my sensitive skin. This Matter: Outdoors handcream was only $20 and is made right here in Toronto. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a handcream before, but this one smells amazing and is super rich, creamy and hydrating – I love it! Last is the super cuters screen-printed card by Ashley Coulson of Flakes Paperie who works out of Cambridge, Ontario. I’m a total stationary nerd, so obviously I am now obsessed with her whole range.

Click here for more info on OOAK Toronto, discover and support local this weekend!