This morning I dragged myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:45am (way way WAY too early for a Sunday) to attend the One Sock Mini-Monkey hands-on workshop at the One of a Kind show. I think most of us were expecting to make our mini monkeys out of the traditional wooly socks, but instead we were asked by pro sock monkey maker, Robin Polfuss of RoRo Art,  to select from a wide range of the brightly coloured and printed sort.

Step by step, Robin took us through crafting our own creative monkeys, and encouraged for them to look wonky and different. Obviously I snatched up the one animal-print sock that was available and created what turned out to look less like a monkey  and more like a fancy tiger kitten! He is different, but I love him, and makes a good new friend for Super G and mini Hello Kitty.

Who knew so much fun could happen at 9am on a Sunday morning at the One of a Kind Show? I love a crafty workshop (especially one that supplies coffee and breakfast to attendees) and I recommend grabbing a ticket to next week’s lip balm making class with Melanie Cruickshank of DaLish Cosmetics (more info HERE) before it sells out – I’ll be there too!

Below is a very cute and perky little example of one of Robin’s many monkeys, check out more of her work HERE. The winter  One of a Kind Show is on now until December 4th at the Direct Energy Centre in the Exhibition Place – go check out and support Canadians crafters, they’re cool!