There’s nothing worse than travelling without perfume. I mean, there are obviously worse things, but I hate not being able to perk myself up with a spritz of my favourite scent after a long plane ride, or before a night out in a new city. But with all the liquid limitations and fragility of glass, lugging around perfume bottles across the world isn’t always ideal. So thank god for travel perfume, and hallelujah for Marc Jacobs’ new (and compact) Oh, Lola! The world is just a better place when my favourite perfume can be thrown into a purse or suitcase and pass security with ease.

I had Oh, Lola! sitting on my bedside table at my hotel in Dusseldorf, Germany last week, alongside my go-to lipstick, keys and the belated Christmas card my brother gave me. All the bright colours and Hawaiian-ness + the surfy VW I spotted in the city made me think of my favourite 50s surfer movie: Gidget (see below).

Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs – 20ml $45 available exclusively at The Bay across Canada.