CH-CH-CHECK out my new manicure! Cool, right? I’ve named them my Margarita Nails. These were done by a super speedy nail art prodigy named Michelle Le at the Stylexchange, Little Burgundy and ION Magazine “Original vs Fake” event last night. I’ve been to a lot of events with nail bars and I have never seen anyone get through so many people so quickly, she is a nail superstar. Ps. those nails of mine are ALL real I’ll have you know!

Anyhoo, while getting my nails did a girl with some seriously fierce nail art (below) ran up to me and started singing Michelle’s praises. Apparently she is a Michelle regular and says she is the only one to visit if you want to get serious about your nail art. You’ll have to head out all the way to Scarborough to make it happen, but I’ve got an inkling she’s work the trek.