Ok, so it’s more of a West Village townhouse than a castle, but still, it’s Courtney Love’s home and that makes it pretty damn magical to me. There have been some rumours that she is being evicted/sued for causing serious damage to the home, but from what I can tell, she has done nothing but create a beautiful interior and kept it well. To prove she hadn’t gone all cray cray up in her pad, she opened the doors of her home to her friends at xoJane to have a snoop and share pictures of the mysterious indoors. Love has got such an interesting and eclectic taste that is equally girly and dark, I was surprised to find out she is such an avid antique collector. There is a lot of beauty and sadness (or maybe nostalgia) that comes off through these photos but overall I love that her spot is quirky, unique and rich with history –  just like Lady Love herself.

Take a look below and check out the full feature with captions HERE.

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