Toronto had a very special guest in town last week, and it was none other than the infamous Christian Louboutin. In case, for some reason, you are unfamiliar with the name, the man is responsible for those sexy red-soled shoes beloved by women (and men) all over the world. Louboutin was here in the flesh to launch his extraordinary exhibit at the Design Exchange, on now until September 15th 2013.

Due to a last minute time change for the press conference, I unfortunately couldn’t attend and instead sent my friend Brooke in my place. As a shoe and accessory designer herself, I couldn’t think of anyone else who would appreciate attending more. Funnily enough as we spent a day catching up and shopping the day before, we stumbled upon a pair of hardly worn Louboutin Pigalles at Fashionably Yours on Queen West that fit her perfectly. Cinderella moment much? Despite her nerves, as soon as she slipped them on I knew she was more than ready to go and it was obviously meant to be – they are her first pair of Louboutins after all!

The pictures alone have  got me itching to experience the exhibit in person as soon as possible, and I’m sure you will feel the same. My favourite anecdote that Brooke shared with me from Mr. Louboutin is when he revealed that he has such a passion for gardening he can’t design anywhere near gardens because he finds them too distracting — he just wants to get out there and garden! I mean, have you ever loved a man more? C’est impossible!

^ Brooke’s shoes! ^

^ Miss Piggy’s shoes! ^

^ The Dita hol0gram! ^

The Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Exchange is on now until September 15th, for more information please visit HERE!

Have you seen the exhibit yet? Let us know your thoughts!