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A lot of my life is spent racing from one thing to the next – whether it’s a client meeting to gym class, or TV segment to dinner party (and most often all of the above in a day, and then some) – and one thing I’m always short of is time. That is why I genuinely love to share the things I find that help make busy lives easier, and always hope they will help you as much as they help me.

From healthy lunch options on the go (and how to make them at home), party hosting tips (and hacks), my favourite (free!) workouts in the city, and new apps to help you keep track of your finances, I’m always on the lookout for anything and everything to make life easier that I can share with my fellow alpha-female readers.

how to get summer ready legs - Gracie Carroll

When summer and warm temperatures finally arrive, I’m always ecstatic to say goodbye to any and all hosiery and pants. But with that lovely summertime leg exposure comes the dreaded addition of hair removal upkeep that we just don’t have to worry about as much during the winter months.

Am I the only one who has been caught (on many occasions) running out the door in a picture perfect outfit – ready for the party, event, meeting or date – with the last minute realization that some emergency hair removal needed to happen right then and there? I’m sure I’m not, and that is why one of my best tips for summer is to always have a stash of Nair products on hand at home, in your gym bag, and even in your purse! Seriously, you’ve always gotta be prepared.

how to get summer ready legs - Gracie Carroll

The new 2016 Nair collection offers everything you could ever need for at-home (and on-the-go) hair removal, no matter if you prefer to use wax, or cream. This year’s collection features a lovely Japanese cherry blossom and 100 per cent naturally-sourced rice bran oil for healthy and nourished looking skin, that removes short hair and lasts up to four weeks.

Since I’m always in a rush, my personal faves are the Wax Ready Strips by Nair that are the only truly ready-to-use Wax Strips because there is no warming or rubbing required. I like to use the Legs & Body strips to take care of my legs before heading out the door, and popping the Face & Bikini strips into my purse in case I notice any missed spots when I’m on the go.

how to get summer ready legs - Gracie Carroll

Of course if you’re better prepared than I am, you can make sure your skin is smooth and hairless well before you reach the door with help from any of Nair’s all-star lineup of products including the Ultimate Microwavable & Rinsable Roll-On Body Wax, Cire Devine Wax for Legs & Body, Nourish Creme and the Nourish Shower Power.

how to get summer ready legs - Gracie Carroll

No matter which product you prefer, with Nair you’re certain to save time, save money, and say hello to super smooth skin all summer. It’s a win, win, WIN and I love that.





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