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It doesn’t matter if you’re reaching for the LBD in your closet or full on sequins, because on the biggest party night of the year, you’ve got to have the big hair to match. Probably my all time favourite beauty look is the 60s-inspired voluminous hair (often sported by the creme de la creme of Supermodels) paired with a slick black cat eye . If you’re wondering how to get BIG and sexy supermodel hair to ring in the new year,  here are 5 key products I’ve come to rely on for pumping the volume into my hair.

kate moss supermoderl hair

1. Live Clean Monoi Oil Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

live clean monoi oil shampoo

The first step is to start out with fresh and clean hair. Because achieving big hair involves a lot of heat and products, I prefer to begin with a more natural option for shampoo and conditioner to give my hair a break before it gets thrown into the ring. Live Clean’s Monoi Oil shampoo and conditioner is eco friendly and made from 98% plant ingredients, it is also SLS/sulfate free, phthalate free and paraben free. This vegan strengthening shampoo retains moisture and prevents breakage, which is what you want all the time, but especially before putting a hot blow dryer to your hair.

2. Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Blow & Go Thick

Osis+ blow and go thick

Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSiS+ Blow & Go Thick spray is definitely what I consider to be one of my secret weapons when I blow dry  my hair. Previously I had been using Blow & Go Thick in combination with Blow & Go Smooth, but after a recent visit to Industry Hair Salon in Yorkville, I was informed that I haven’t been using them correctly! For best results, use one or the other (not thick near your roots, and smooth on the ends as I was previously doing) to achieve either thick and voluminous hair, or super sleek and straight hair. Obviously in this case we are seeking the former, so spray Blow & Go Thick liberally!

3. Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse

moroccanoil volumizing mousse

To give the roots an extra boost, I like to apply Moroccanoil’s Volumizing Mousse in sections. To do this, work on one side of your head at a time, using the tip of a comb to create sections along your head from front to back. Apply the mousse along the roots of each section, creating approximately three sections with focus on the top half of your head. Repeat on the other side, then lightly massage the mousse into your roots.

A tip for a BIG blowout from the talented team at Industry salon is to air dry your hair until it is almost dry, then dry it completely by flipping your head upside down and using your blow dryer. Once dry, flip your hair back and use a round brush to create shape and tame your hair.

4. Kevin Murphy Young Again Infused Treatment Oil

kevin murphy young again

After all the hair flipping and blow drying comes the treatment oil! Naturally my hair is rather dry, so this step is essential in order to prevent my head from looking like a frizzy and fried mess. Kevin Murphy’s Young Again infused treatment oil can be applied to damp hair, but I like to spray it into my palms post blow dry, and lightly apply it to my ends to smooth out my hair.

5. Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Glamour Queen

osis glamour queen

Last but not least comes the ultimate finishing spray: Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Glamour Queen volumising hairspray. With its innovative trigger pump, the Glamour Queen allows you to target your roots or “where maximum effect is required” for major volume that will last all night!

Supermodel Hair

Now that your hair looks like the above, all you need to finish off your totally major beauty look is a good lip (I suggest either going nude or with a classic bold lip in red) and a killer smile!




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