Ombre has moved on from being just something we do to our hair and now has made its way to our faces, specifically the lips. However it’s conquering this new trend that can end up being a little tricky.

Here at the Gracie Carroll HQ, we’re big fans of a statement lip, but not so keen on battling with a pesky lip liner to get the look du jour. Thankfully, we recently came across a brand new wonder product that makes our ombre lip dreams come true in one easy swipe. We love it so much, that we decided to highlight it all on its own. Here’s how to get an ombre lip with one easy swipe:


Hardy Candy’s new all-in-one Ombre Lipstick gives you that perfect shading with just one stroke.  Aside from the rectangular packaging that makes the lipstick somewhat hard to close, the product itself is very innovative and easy to use.


The lipstick comes with two complementary shades built into one, so with one sweep over the lips you have a darker shade lining the outside of your mouth. The name of the lipstick swatched in the photograph is called Practical which we love for its neutral tones. It makes it very easy to use for day and night, no matter the season.  The Hard Candy Ombre Lipstick also comes in 10 different colour combinations.


If you are a little hesitant to this new makeup trend then this lipstick is definitely one to try, the ombre effect is very subtle and has a soft glossy finish. The concept of the product is inventive and an idea that will only continue to grow in the beauty industry, so why not perfect it while you can with something as reasonably priced (only $6 online!) and easy to use as what Hard Candy has to offer?

Plus, you’ll get to re-visit your teen years with this 90s staple back in your beauty drawer!

Hard Candy sold exclusively at Walmart and

- This post was contributed by Lindsay Sganga

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