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As if surviving 2014′s Polar Vortex wasn’t bad enough, now that spring has sprung Canadians have to face the ‘Pollen Vortex’ as well. From itchy, red and watery eyes, hives, skin reactions, to sneezing, and a running itchy nose, it seems like everybody around (including myself) has been hit by the dreaded allergy season.

It’s like that bad trend that just never goes away; every year it keeps on coming back and you just can’t understand how or why. In my own case, I never quite know when or where I’m going to get hit by allergies, and if I’m being hit by allergies at all! Sometimes my symptoms are more like a full blown spring time cold, and I don’t know which case is worse. They’re both awful when you’re living through it.


While you can’t always fully avoid an allergy attack at this time of year, I am a firm believer in maintaining a healthy and strong immune system to help fight back and make symptoms less severe when they arise. When seasonal allergies strike, you can consider using REACTINE® daily during allergy season. Although REACTINE® can start to work on allergy symptoms within a mere 20 minutes and provides relief for up to 24 hours, daily use will help your body constantly maintain a level of antihistamines  to relieve your allergy symptoms.

I often joke that Canada has turned into Britain as we Canucks have all become just as obsessed with talking about the weather all the time. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m talking to a complete stranger or one of my best friends, but we all just can’t stop talking about weather good or bad. On my own phone, I use the weather app multiple times per day, and especially before I go to sleep (I’ve got to think about what I’m going to wear the next day after all!) and first thing in the morning before I get out of bed (well, I have to confirm what can be worn, don’t I?), so I was pretty ecstatic to hear that REACTINE® created a pollen forecast app that’s available for Android and iPhone! How cool is that? Never mind the rain, here comes the Pollen!



If you haven’t already fled out the door to stock up on REACTINE® to help fight your own “Pollen Vortex” battle, click HERE to receive a coupon to use with your purchase! For a better understanding of how REACTINE® works, watch the video below:



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