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In yesterday’s post I shared some thoughts (and stats!) on finding that work life balance sweet spot, and funding more vacations. Taking some “me time” is not only important throughout the year, but on a daily basis too. With a hectic and overwhelming schedule on most days, I always try to find anywhere from a minute to an hour here and there to stop and enjoy some “me time” to maintain my sanity, and productivity.

Often this “me time” will involve a workout to shut off from the world and switch gears from mental to physical exercise. Sometimes it involves a coffee with a friend, or even one alone if that’s what I need in a busy day. As a foodie, you can probably imagine that eating well, eating healthy and eating good food almost always plays a part in my favourite “me time” because I can’t concentrate when I’m hungry, and I hate eating bad food!

How To Eat Healthy When You Work A Lot - #SmartStash - Smartpop - Gracie Carroll

As much as I like to be diligent about making food at home and prepping food in advance to never be stuck eating unhealthy or overpriced food when on the go, the reality is that it’s not always maintainable when you’re never home, and really tired when you are actually home. Generally following a combination of Vegan and Paleo eating habits, over the years I’ve learned how to navigate a corner store like no other to know what grab-and-go snacks are health and diet-friendly for the conscious, workaholic foodie such as myself.

So how to eat healthy when you work a lot? One of the things that has always made the cut, for me, is Smartfood popcorn. Not only because it’s a healthier option, but it’s super tasty too! Seriously, I have been munching on this snack since I was a kid, and far before I ever cared about my health or weight. Now as an adult, it’s only more satisfying to know that I can still enjoy one of my favourite bagged snacks (that’s always easy to find!) without feeling guilty.

How To Eat Healthy When You Work A Lot - #SmartStash - Smartpop - Gracie Carroll

Now, the only problem when you have a healthy and delicious favourite snack is that everyone always wants some, whether it’s your colleague or your boyfriend. Did you know that a recent study commissioned by Smartfood found that nearly half (48%) of Canadian women aged 18-34 hide their snacks? It seems ridiculous, but when I think about it I can totally relate – and am totally guilty of hiding my favourite snacks from those pesky snack raiders we all know and love! According to the survey, some of our top hiding spots for our favourite snacks include the top shelf of the cupboard (37%), the pantry (35%) and the desk drawer (19%). I would definitely say I use all of these areas to stash my snacks, with the addition of, well, my purse and even the side of my bed (because sometimes I turn my bed into my office, or just need a late-night snack with easy access).

How To Eat Healthy When You Work A Lot - #SmartStash - Smartpop - Gracie Carroll

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