Gracie Carroll - NYC - New TD MySpend App

Caught in L.E.S. on a recent visit to NYC with a coffee and shopping bag in hand


As an entrepreneur and owner of two small businesses (not to mention a lover of shopping, great food and travel), I know more than anyone that we all spend money, and it can be hard to keep track of it.

I rarely carry cash on me because I always feel like I “never know where it goes” and it slips out of my hands too easily. A coffee here, a taxi there…and I know that others can relate to this because I hear it all the time from my friends and acquaintances.

The reality is, however, that just because we don’t carry cash on us, it doesn’t mean we’re not spending as much, and as often, when using our debit and credit cards. This is something I realize all too quickly every time I finally sit down and go through my bank statements, often thinking “where the heck did all my money go!?”. Slowly going down line after line, I really do realize that “things add up!” as my mom always says, and it happens very quickly.

Gracie Carroll - NYC - New TD MySpend App

Fun nights outs with my besties always take a toll on my bank account


With my go-go-go schedule, I absolutely love any app that helps make my life easier and more convenient, now, finally, I have a trust-worthy app that’s just hit the market to help me keep track of my finances while on the go.

Any fellow clients of TD Canada Trust will be pleased to know that the new TD MySpend app securely connects to our TD deposit account and TD Credit Card Accounts, to help us keep track of our spending through these accounts, then automatically (and very conveniently) sorts them into categories so we can see exactly where we’re spending on a daily basis, including any auto-payments connected to our accounts.

Gracie Carroll - NYC - New TD MySpend App

I personally find it very, very hard to resist a deal on a pair of designer shoes.


So whether you’re a coffee addict (like me) or a shopaholic (also like me), or even a very conservative spender (not like me), the TD MySpend app can help us all keep track of where our money is going and just how much we’re spending on a monthly basis. With an app this easy to use, do any of us have an excuse for not starting to take control of our finances? I don’t think so.

For more information on the new TD MySpend app, please visit, or download the app for FREE from the app store and get set up quickly and easily, today.





*please note that this post has been brought to you by TD Canada Trust, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*



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