Gracie Carroll Sassoon Toronto Beyonce Blonde Hair

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognise the photo above from the post I shared last night about my recent visit to the Sassoon Salon in Toronto’s Yorkville, alerting you of this morning’s unveiling of my latest hair journey. On Wednesday this week, I visited Sassoon for the first time and made myself quite comfortable as I sat down for a solid three-hour visit to have my hair coloured and cut by the salon’s Colour Director, John Beeson, and Creative Director, Lorraine McAndrew. When I arrived and sat down with John, we started to chat about what I envisioned for my hair in terms of colour. To be honest, there’s not a whole lot you can do with long brown hair (unless you’re planning to go pastel pink, or whichever colour of the rainbow is trendiest at the moment) but I did coyly reveal that what I desired most was to have beachy, blonde surfer waves a la Queen Bey style this summer – without having my hair fall out. An enhanced version of my naturally “sun-kissed” summer hair is what we set out to create, and John got straight to work using the ‘freelights’ colour technique, which, as he tells me, is in the same family as the infamous ‘ombre’ but with a more natural fade. After a three hour visit, and passed between the hands of John and Lorraine, I emerged looking like this:

Gracie Carroll Sassoon Toronto Beyonce Blonde Hair

Now, I will admit that the lovely Magic Hour light in the photo above makes my hair look a little more ginger than blonde, but I can assure you that we have started the trek down the road to Beyonce blonde hair land. In fact, if you look at my dark roots (my natural colour), then the middle section near my hand (the colour I got with a Redken’s Chromatics Ultra Rich treatment) to the ends of my hair, you can see just how much lighter my hair is now than it was only a couple of months ago. So where is this hair going? What does my dream summer hair look like? Well, to be honest, it looks like Beyonce’s blonde beachy waves as shown in my ‘Beyonce blonde hair mood board’ below aka my daily hairspiration. I mean, her hair is outta control in these pictures – I just love it!

Gracie Carroll Sassoon Toronto Beyonce Blonde Hair

Will my hair fall out or break off if I actually try to reach this level of blonde? I have no idea, but with John’s help, I feel confident that we can find a sweet spot that will get me closer to reaching Queen Bey hair status, while still leaving healthy hair on my head this summer.

Stay tuned to see what happens!

Thank you Sassoon!



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