Okay, so I know I recently revealed that I successfully blew out my own hair for the first time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy the odd pro job now and then. Last week I visited Industry Hairdressing in Yorkville to test out Schwarzkopf Professional products, and get some ideas for versatile holiday hair this season.


For this styling session we experimented with Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ ‘Glamour Queen’ finish H2O-free volumising hairspray in medium, control, and ‘Thrill’ texture fibre gum, both pictured above.


My hair stylist Tia Kim (who is nicknamed “the blowout queen” at Industry) decided to focus on using the Glamour Queen to help achieve a big, bouncy blow out. Tia says the best holiday hair is ‘big and sexy!’ and I totally agree. Here’s how it turned out:



Rather Mad Men-esque no? I loves it! Because ‘Thrill’ is a texture product, it’s secret weapon that can come into play a few days after your blowout. For example, when the life of the blowout starts to fade and it’s time to put it up into, say, a top knot (another great look for holiday parties and one of my personal favourites) it will help tame flyaways and keep everything perfectly in place all night.

What’s your favourite look for holiday hair?