Ladies, how many times has your workout suffered because of the underwear you were wearing? Almost every time? You’re not alone. Just look at the numbers: 93% of surveyed women are unsatisfied with their existing workout underwear (see source above). Why? Even with all of the advancements we have enjoyed in workout gear over the past 25 years, the first thing we put on our bodies is still the last thing anyone is thinking about – as Joanna Griffiths, Founder & CEO of Knix Wear and FitKnix would say.


Think about it, when all you want to do is spin or yoga-stretch your little heart out, your mind is clouded with thoughts of annoying panty lines and worse, painful chafing. This often leads many of us to ditch wearing panties all together. Enter FitKnix: The high-tech athletic underwear that promises to nix moisture, nix odour and nix those pesky panty lines!

FitKnix is the offshoot of the Toronto-based company, Knix Wear, which was launched just one year ago on Indiegogo. The high-tech multi-tasking underwear that provides fashion, function and fit, received support from women all over the world, as well as press from top publications such as Forbes, WWD, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal.

Don’t you just love hearing about an up-and-coming Canadian success story? I sure do!

Here’s a further look at these stellar hot pant(ie)s and how they will change your life:





FitKnix recently launched their Indiegogo campaign, giving you the chance to take part in seeing their great products become an everyday reality for women everywhere. Not to mention the hugely discounted product you’ll score for your contributions! For the full, detailed list of perks please click HERE.

And yes, even in your perk packs you still have the ability to choose between performance levels and styles.



Watch the FitKnix Indiegogo campaign video below!


 FitKnix perk packs range from only $20 to $600. Click HERE to get yours now!

Good Luck FitKnix!!






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