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Exciting news everyone! After years of stalling, I have FINALLY decided to venture into the world of VLOGGING. It’s a bit embarrassing, but I was first encouraged to start vlogging by a very successful YouTube production studios many moons ago, and was too short-sighted to understand or see the value in talking into my computer. I mean, why would any of you want to hear me gush about my life problems in a messy room with bad lighting?

Last year I happened to have more experiences in front of the camera than ever before (namely my monthly segments on Breakfast Television Toronto with FLARE Magazine and shooting the Style Jaunt web series), and quickly learned that I do in fact love being in front of the camera. Naturally, I am not the type of person who is overly loud or in-your-face at all times (in terms of personality), but I do consider it a gift to have always felt rather comfortable and natural in front of a camera from a young age.

Now that my love for video has been ignited, I decided to take things by the reins and starting shooting some videos myself! All this time I thought I needed a big studio, serious lighting, a sound guy, and my boyfriend to direct AND edit, but you know what? I discovered that when I couldn’t get the help I needed and wanted fast enough, I could do it myself. That’s right, I found a space, wrangled all my stuff and my little macbook air, sat down and shot video after video by myself in one day. And I edited them too! So don’t judge these too hard, because this is literally the first time I’ve ever edited anything myself  and *hopefully* things can only go up from here.

To start, I decided to launch my new series called #GracieFaves as a more candid version of my Localist segments for FLARE and Breakfast Television, but will be expanding on this topic to cover Beauty, Fashion, Food, Fitness and more over the month. In fact, you can now expect a new video to launch on my channel every week, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to keep up with all of the amazing things I need to tell you about!! Seriously, only a few things make into each video so you KNOW they’re good.

See below to watch the very first #GracieFaves video featuring my March Local Favourites!

Thank you all SO much for watching and for all of your support over the years as my career has continued to grow and change!

For more of my existing online video, check out the playlists at and stay tuned for next week’s new video!

Please leave a comment below this post, or below the video, to let me know what you think, what I can improve, or what you’d like to see in the future!



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