Lady Moss turns 38 today! Happy Happy Birthday – this is the happiest day! I doubt I will ever look as hot as the Mossy (at 28 or 38) but one can dream. I especially love a young Moss, so I pulled together a bunch of photos for us to all enjoy on her special day.

Please note that all images were sourced via google image. I obvi did not take, or own, any of these photos. There, I said it, so don’t sue me okay thank youu. x

johnnyDepp_kateMoss johnny_depp_kate_moss_1 4225716455_8233a18634 KateMossVogueItalyMay1996byJuergenTeller katemossforvhi4-500x649 katemoss Ad campaign for Banana Republic, 1992. kate-moss-with-camera kate-moss-vogue-uk-october-2008-cover Kate-Moss-Vogue-Paris-July-2 Kate-Moss-per-Dior_0x440 Kate-Moss-Mario-sorrenti-June-July-2010-vogue-paris06 kate-moss-lindbergh-de-5729105 kate-moss-bride-burberry Kate_Moss_print