No matter your style, every woman needs to own at least one item containing diamonds. While some women are holding out for that rock that requires their partners to get down on one knee, others are opting to purchase a gleaming stone on their own. Not sure what type of diamond piece would best suit you? Here are some hot diamond jewelry items that are versatile and befitting of any fashionista.

Earrings That Rock

There’s nothing classier than a pair of simple diamond stud earrings. If you already own a gorgeous pair of diamond studs, try diamond drop earrings, another classic piece of diamond jewelry that has made a major comeback. These elegant earrings glam up any look, but are also excellent for everyday wear. Hoop earrings are also getting the diamond treatment as jewelers are crafting hoops glistening with these precious gems.

Diamond Rings That Aren’t Just for Engagements

Although diamond rings are typically worn by a bride-to-be, single gals are also sporting rings designed for future brides on any finger other than their ring fingers. Rings with diverse gems and colorful diamonds are also a growing trend in diamond rings. While pink and yellow (canary) diamonds have been a hit with diamond lovers for years, new colored diamonds are emerging and becoming favorable among fashion-forward woman who want to break free from the norm. For those who are more modest when it comes to jewelry, jewelers like 77 Diamonds offer an alternative to the common engagement ring with its collection of eternity rings.

Make your Wrist Drip With Ice

Tennis bracelets have been a big diamond item for many years now, and though they are still quite trendy, there are a number of diverse wrist adornments that contain diamonds. A new trend in diamond embellished arm candy are bangles garnished with diamonds. Charms for charm bracelets have also acquired a diamond touch as many charms are available with diamond ornaments.

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