There are many reasons to hate on the inflated blimp who currently holds the title of Toronto Mayor. Looking for another to top off that long list? How about Rob Ford’s war on graffiti. Yes, it is annoying when some jerk with a marker tags your shop window or the side of your car. Actually, it sucks, but for the most part, I believe that graffiti adds rich visual content to the otherwise dull streets of Toronto. Much of this city’s great graffiti is thanks to talented people I know – Ryan Dineen, Elicser, Fathom (to name a few) – who I could never consider calling anything other than artists. What they do is create art for everyone to enjoy at anytime, is that really such a crime?

So is it art or vandalism? That is what renowned Toronto-based street artist, SPUD, is asking with his latest gallery presentation,a graffiti show on art censorship that takes aim on Mayor Ford. It opens tomorrow night and will run for the month of March at the Don’t Tell Mama gallery on Ossington. Whatever side of the fence you sit on when it it comes to graff, go check it out. More info can be found HERE.

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