Bang Salong Toronto - Giveaway - Gracie Carroll

As a blogger who spends a fair amount of time in front of the camera, I also spend a fair amount of time in the chairs of numerous hair salons around the city to help me get camera-ready. Unfortunately, I can only have some many skills in life, and doing my own hair just isn’t one of them – you may have noticed my signature top knot (the only hairstyle I can do on my own) that has now been embodied in The Chic Canuck‘s logo, but really is just a sign that my hair is dirty/I didn’t know what else to do with my hair.  Ladies, you know how it is.

Anyway, considering how much time I spend getting my hair blown out by professionals (who, thankfully, know what they’re doing with hair), I, naturally, have a few spots in the city that I frequent most often for the fancy things they can do to my hair, and (to be honest), the convenience of their location in relation to my home.

Bang Salong Toronto - Giveaway - Gracie Carroll

When I was invited to BANG Salon‘s first year anniversary celebration, I was dubious of a salon based on the Danforth that I had never heard of (why? I don’t know), but nevertheless, I packed up my things, ordered an Uber, and to the delight of my East-side residing bottom, walked through their doors in under 9 minutes. FYI travelling within the east side is HEAVEN for Torontonians because traffic basically doesn’t exist once you cross Yonge Street. It may have been the lack of traffic that put me in a good mood, or the glass of prosecco they handed me as soon as I walked in, but I instantly felt at home at BANG.

Aside from Libretto and Tips Nail Bar, there isn’t much reason for me to venture up to the Danforth on a regular basis, but when I walked into BANG Salon Toronto, I realised that this beautiful space – filled with even more beautiful (and very cool, I might add) people – was the missing piece in my Danforth trifecta that I was searching for. Seriously, once I’ve got access to fancy pizza, fancy nails and fancy hair within a one block radius, I will declare the area to be a piece of heaven on earth.

Bang Salong Toronto - Giveaway - Gracie Carroll

Even though I was initially there to take part in the celebration by getting a blowout and share the fun on social media, I was so taken with the gorgeous salon and the amazing team that works there, that I felt compelled to DO MORE and make sure more newbies to BANG Salon could experience their wonderful salon as soon as possible. And now we’re here, with this blog post that includes a giveaway for one lucky reader to get a wash and style AND makeup application done at BANG Salon Toronto. Time for a night out on the town once you win, amiright? Yeah, girl.

Before I get into the contest details, I feel the need to share more about the team at BANG salon because they really are an impressive bunch. I mean first of all, how HOT are they? Just look at that photo below from their Instagram; they are FIRE! They also happen to be very charming and talented. The man in the middle, Justin German, is the Co-Owner of BANG with his stunning cousin Sarah, on the left. Justin is one of Toronto’s top stylists (his work has graced the covers of FLARE, ELLE and Fashion, to name a few) and Sarah has appeared on The Social and regular styles the who’s who during TIFF and Toronto Fashion Week.

Bang Salong Toronto - Giveaway - Gracie Carroll

To his right is Noelia who did my hair at their salon and then took a totally bomb photo of me for Instagram that you can see below. Because we all know by now that it is very important in this day and age to surround yourself with people who know how to take a damn good photo for social media, right? Noelia is not only talented in the hair department, but we both share a deep love for J.Lo and expensive shampoo. I love her.

Bang Salong Toronto - Giveaway - Gracie Carroll

So how do you enter to win the makeover aka blow out and makeup application from BANG Salon Toronto? See below:

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COMMENT below once complete!

Contest closes July 15th 2016 at 11:59pm EST.

Good Luck!!



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