What happens in NYC (and Brooklyn) over a four day weekend trip stays in NYC (and Brooklyn). Except for some pictures from a few of my favourite spots, these you can see!

1. Early morning coffee from Black Gold. This is when I witnessed a three-year old girl on her scooter say “Daddy look! I’m doing a scooting tree pose.” Only in Carroll Gardens…

2. The best god damn breakfast sandwich in the world. Egg, bacon, arugula and a lot of hot sauce from Court Street Grocers.

3. Spring lilacs from Tribeca

4. The best start to the best dinner and night at Miller’s Tavern. Oysters. Buffalo shrimp. Bone marrow. Drool.

5. Luxury mani pedis from tenoverten make every hangover morning better.

6. The “please forgive us for falling asleep and locking you out” lunch at Prime Meats.

7. Squirrel being cute.

8. The best thing I’ve ever seen.

9. Prime wine time in the Lower East Side.

10. Dallas BBQ and their Texas-sized margaritas shouldn’t make three girls this happy. But they do.

11. Subway drum session. Should have offered them money to stay on for my whole trip.

12. Gimme access to a kitchen and I give you a dinner party. The Americana edition!

13. Fact: Homemade puppets are excellent for drunken party entertainment.

14. Americana morning after breakfast.

15. Many more goodbye margaritas