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While visiting my parent’s place a couple of weeks ago, I came across this photo and couldn’t stop laughing at my pose vs. my little brother’s and his outfit. The photo jogged memories of when we were younger and camping trips were a regular adventure for the Carroll family – even camping our way across the U.S. and Canada over an entire summer. I can’t really say that camping has ever really been a favourite activity of mine – even as a kid – but that’s not to say I wouldn’t go again, especially with the now socially acceptable ‘haute’ version of camping that is Glamping. I started to think of what would top my list for the ultimate  glamping experience, so here are the 10 things I think you need to go glamping:


1. A Pimped Out RV (or Tent)

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.17.38 AM

To be totally honest, my ultimate glamping experience would include a pimped out RV, but the next best option would be a cool-looking tent. I love all of the bright and printed versions that are available, including this butterfly-print version that is solar-powered. I think the RV I’d love to have on a glamping trip would be something a little retro and a bit kitschy – similar to the photo above. What can I say? Nothing can beat a full kitchen set up when you’re cooking for a crowd in the middle of nowhere!


2. Multiple Hammocks


I think we can all agree here that the only thing better than a hammock is having multiple hammocks, am I right? This Trinity Hammock is probably one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, and seems to me like one of the glammest additions out there to any serious glamping trip! Of course if the Trinity isn’t available you could always grab multiple classic hammocks and simply string them between trees surrounding your glamping ground area.

3. Plenty of Tasty Food & Beverages


Is it even possible to be truly ‘glamping’ without a good supply of food and drink on hand? If you really are set up in a rural area, be sure to have prepared in advance, as running out in the middle of nowhere could easily turn a fun night under the stars into a total nightmare. I also love this idea of Chalkboard Runner to help make it easy for guests to know how to pair their wine correctly. Also, all of the items displayed above would be easy to store, and display, while glamping!

4. A Portable Record Player


Naturally, any good shindig has got to include great tunes. A great glamping experience could only be heightened with the addition of being able to play your favourite records all day and night. I’ve had a Crosley record player at my cottage for the past couple of years and it always adds to the fun. Plus, you can also connect it to your iPod or iPhone if you get lazy and just want to put on a playlist and use the player as a speaker.

5. Fun Floating Devices


Ideally your glamping grounds will be near some fresh water, or even a pool, so you’ve got an excuse to pack that most elaborate floating devices you can find. My personal picks would include an inflatable swan, pizza slice, and donut. But hey, even if you’re not close to water, these hilarious toys would be fun to have around as extra seating either way.

6. Multi-Coloured Lighting

glamping lights

Lighting is a critical component to your glamping experience. Not only just to be able to see when the sun goes down, but to help set the mood and create the right atmosphere. To me, glamping is all about having an elaborate and outrageous set up in the middle of nowhere. Ideally my glamping grounds would be covered in multi-coloured lights all around to help keep the party alive all night long.

7. Bring Your Best Cookware


Since we’re not slumming it, there’s no need to rely on tin foil trays and crappy cooking ware for your meals. Instead, why not bring the best you’ve got, such as a Le Creuset dutch oven? Not only is it multi-purpose, but it’s sure to add a glamorous touch that most people would never think of.

8. Cool Plastic Place Settings

cool plastic plates

If you do decide to lug a fabulous Le Creuset dutch oven with you, I would suggest going with lighter options for your place and table settings. There are tons of super chic and fun plastic plates, cutlery and glasses out there nowadays. Your guests won’t even know they’re plastic plates until they touch them! Plus, they’ll make cleaning up easier, and faster.

9. Mini Spa Essentials


Once you’re all set up and ready to relax, having home-spa materials at the ready can only add to your relaxation and fun. My personal favourites for home-spa treatments while travelling are easy sheet face masks. Recently I discovered a natural Korean skincare brand call The Face Shop where you can buy every type of mask imaginable for about $2 each, making them highly affordable and great for grabbing a bunch for you and your friends.

10. Pack REACTINE®


Now this may seem like the least thrilling out of the bunch, but packing REACTINE® is probably just as important as the other suggestions. I can’t imagine anything worse than heading off on your ultimate glamping trip only to get hit with an allergy attack. Taking REACTINE® and having it on hand can ensure that you and your friends are able to keep allergy attacks at bay, and concentrate on having the time of your life.

Have fun!!



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