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In one month, one week, or even one day, most of us take on different “roles” in our lives. We go from lady bosses in the boardroom, to best friends in the cocktail lounge, girlfriends over dinner, and even mothers as we take care of our loved ones and family. Naturally, with every different hat we put on, we morph — both physically and mentally — to accommodate each version of ourselves, and sometimes the switch happens as quickly as a hair flip.

In my life, I find myself in three different versions of myself on an almost-daily basis: the #ChickInCharge, #PartyGirl, and #GirlNextDoor. Of course who I am, and who I want to be, go far beyond just these three (I’d like to count the #WorldTraveller #RiskTaker, #MasterShopper and #SuperChef on my list, to name a few) but these are my main roles. And you know what? They kick butt every  single day.

Keeping up with Gracie Carroll isn’t easy, and I’m always in search of everything from beauty products to organizational tips and time-saving apps to make sure that everything I do in a day gets done. Just as we switch gears mentally depending on who we are with, and what we’re doing, our physical appearances often change too. I mean, can you imagine if you had the same outfit and hairstyle for every different moment in your life?  I don’t think so!


The #ChickInCharge


By day I’m the VP of a social media management startup, and by night I run and work on freelance projects. To me, the coolest thing you can do is be an entrepreneur, so I work very hard to chase my dream of one day working for myself…very soon. The total amount of time I have to dedicate to a morning beauty routine is exactly five minutes before I need to fly out the door, so there’s no room for fussy, high maintenance routines. As a wash-and-go girl on weekday mornings, I need ultra-moisturizing (and taming!) products to keep my wild and wavy hair frizz free as it air dries.


Herbal Essences’ The Sleeker The Butter collection not only smells divine, but it nourishes strands and smoothes frizz and flyways. The shampoo and conditioner give my hair a silky feel, and, when paired with the Smooth & Creamy Hair Milk post shower, help my waves air dry beautifully but still lets my inner Rock ‘n Roller shine through.

The #PartyGirl:


Most weekday evenings involve attending events and parties to celebrate new designers, brands and store openings in Toronto. Since my hair is by nature a bit wild, a sleeker look for events helps me feel like I’ve morphed from the #ChickInCharge to the polished #PartyGirl. To be honest, it also helps me feel extra glamorous, which is always necessary for a night out on the town. Although I usually have a few minutes longer for pre-party prep, I still need products that can help me achieve the look I want as quickly as possible — nobody wants to be stuck in the bathroom for hours with a hairbrush!


Herbal Essences’ Tea-Lightfully Clean shampoo and conditioner are great for getting my hair squeaky clean, fast. All that’s needed before the blow dry begins is a good all-over spritzing of the Tea-Lightfully Clean Blow Dry Prep Mist. These products make my hair so manageable, I can achieve a sleek blowout in minutes. A couple of pumps of the Moroccan Me A Miracle 7 in 1 Serum helps finish off the look with extra shine. It’s pretty much an INSTA-GLAM routine!



The #GirlNextDoor:


It comes to a surprise to some, but my weekends are most often spent holed up in my house. Since my weekdays are so hectic (and even weekends involve working) I like to stay at home and hang out with my friends and family. For me, there’s nothing better hanging out at home with my boyfriend in comfy clothes and spending time cooking in the kitchen as a way to relax. Clearly, my “me time” doesn’t involve spending a lot of time fussing with my hair when I’m trying to kick back, which is why you can most-often find me with my hair pulled into an easy top knot when I’m at home. It’s totally casual chic, and, to be honest, I throw my hair up into a top knot so often that has become my signature hairstyle (even making a regular appearance in my roles as #ChickInCharge and #PartyGirl as well). Since it’s so easy, and really only involves one key product, I’ve provided DIY instructions below:


The most important product for the top knot is a good dry shampoo, like Herbal Essences Body Envy Instant Clean. Not only does dry shampoo refresh your hair but also helps add texture to make keeping it up in a fierce top knot that much easier.


Step 1: Give Body Envy Dry Shampoo a good shake, then spray throughout your hair keeping close to the roots. Massage the dry shampoo into your hair.


Step 2: Next, grab a hair brush and brush through your hair, then begin brushing your hair upwards into a high pony tail. You can adjust the height of your pony tail to suit where you want the bun to sit. Personally, I like mine extra high, right on top of my head. Like a miniature hat!


Step 3: Use a strong elastic band to tie your ponytail, pull the tail to tighten and keep everything in place.


Step 4: Grab the tail and begin to wrap your hair around where the elastic band sits. Depending on the look of the bun you want, you can wrap your hair tightly or loosely. Secure the ends of your tail by tucking it under the elastic, and/or using bobby pins to help secure it.


Step 5: Use your hand to tug at the bun gently to create a messier look if desired. Finish with hairspray if you’re looking for a sleeker look.


Ta da!! You’re done!

Having the right products on hand can truly make your life easier and help you be everyone you are whether you’re hanging out with your besties or chasing after your career. Not only can Herbal Essences keep up with your lifestyle, but its affordable pricing gives you access to the products you need without breaking the bank.

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