Good news everybody, our girl Ronnie is back with another ‘How To‘ beauty post! This time around she was inspired by the beautiful Sky Ferreira‘s easy breezy summer babe look, and who could blame her? I mean, can you say Girl Crush alert or what?! Since we can’t take our eyes off of Sky’s flawless skin and perfectly stained pout, we’re just going to hand things over to Ronz to tell us how to get the look stat. Take it away girl!

Ronnie rockin’ the summer babe look

Summer has finally decided to touch down upon Toronto which means it’s time to hit up the park and soak up the rays whilst enjoying your fave drank. Its not completely balmy here yet, but we do want to start thinking about our Summer Face. The last thing we want is a face full of makeup when its 40C with humidity! Summer Face is all about multi use products (realistically those denim cutoffs wont pack more than a gloss and your phone.) First and foremost, we always want to protect the skin from nasty UVA and UVB rays. Just a plain old sunscreen seems so basic, too basic. I mean, what if you still want to even out skin tone, create a glowing complexion and reap the benefits of broad spectrum sun protection?! I’ve been using the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter and love it. It’s a sheer liquid highlighter and moisturizer that is light enough to disappear into the skin, yet still act as a tint for really subtle  coverage. Did I mention it provides SPF 25+ protection? You can also mix a few squirts with your moisturizer for H to T shine. PERFECTION.

The next best addition to a summer look is (and always will be) a stained lip. Think popsicle mouth, or better yet, wine mouth. It takes 2 seconds, never looks over done, and is weather proof – no BS. Think fast, strategic smudging, and keep it centered on your lips, use your baby finger and dont spread it all around. You do not need a mirror. Ever. If you need to reference this look, cool girl du jour Sky Ferreira gets it.

Check out the pic (above) of me with the look on my roof enjoying a mid-day cocktail. MUAH!

Get The Look Products:

Becca Beach Tint on lips. ( use any leftover product from your fingers and dot on cheeks and blend)

Clinique Even Better moisturizer mixed with about an inch of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter

Please share your summer babeness looks with us, we’d love to see how you rock it! Tweet @GracieCarroll and @RACLUSTRE with your pics xx