It’s no secret that I love to host friends and family at my home. It’s also no secret that I love to cook and adore Chef Gordon Ramsay. Sure, some people may think he’s a jerk on TV, but to me he just tells the hard truth about what it takes to succeed and be the best at what you do. As you can imagine, when I got word of the Gordon Ramsay Royal Doulton Bread Street Collection of home wares I nearly jumped out of my chair and screamed “GIMMEEEE!!”. For what could go better with my collection of Chef Ramsay cookbooks than some great pieces that were designed by the man himself?

This Thanksgiving, I was fortunate to surprise my guests (and okay, brag a little) with the addition of the new collection to my home. With the busy holiday season coming up, there are more than a few reasons why Gordon Ramsay‘s collection for Royal Doulton will be play a part in the festivities as you’ll discover below!


Although the entire collection is quite full of options, when I was selecting my picks from the collection, I skipped past the sets of matching plates and bowls, and looked instead to find smaller, individual pieces that could cater to my favourite way of serving food for lots of people, which is ‘Family Style’.  Family Style serving is a very laidback approach to feeding the ones you love. Sure, I can appreciate a great table setting, but to me, at the end of the day, when I bring my loved ones together it’s about coming together to have a laugh and eat some great food together without any unnecessary fuss involved. As you can imagine during the holidays – which often involves large groups of people and a certain amount of stress – family style serving is a total lifesaver.


As someone who naturally tends to be drawn to kitschy vintage homeware, what I appreciate about Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Doulton Bread Street Collection is that it’s simple, somewhat masculine, and let’s the food itself really shine. It’s the total opposite of what you’d normally find in my kitchen, but adds a nice modern and minimalist touch to the mix.  I found that my selection of cheese knives and small cooking ware was the perfect combination for a great tapas spread – something everyone can enjoy in the late afternoon and early evening before a big feast. And after all, it’s the great food that you’re serving you want to stand out most, isn’t it?

Naturally for most families, when it comes to Thanksgiving and the holiday dinners, you think of a good roast presented on the table. I truly believe that if you’re going to put time and effort into serving great food, you need to have the right tools to eat it. Nothing drives me crazier than using a fork that  can’t cut! Especially when there’s nothing I want more than to bite into a succulent piece of meat that’s fresh out of the oven. One stand out piece from Gordon’s collection for Royal Doulton is most definitely his classic array of wood handled steak knives that come with little paper covers that say rare, medium and well-done to help a busy host easily navigate each guests individual preference.


When it comes down to it, getting friends and family gathered around a table for a great meal is really about enjoying each other’s company. This holiday season, make your life easier by taking a step back, and worry a lot less about fussy details, and instead spend more time with the people that have taken the time to come to your home to enjoy your company. Serve things family style, take advantage of easy tapas, and use great cutlery!

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Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays everyone!



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