Even though taking care of my skin is always a priority, I’m still sometimes surprised by the feedback I receive from skin specialists when I go in for a treatment. Just the other day I went for a much-needed facial at Her Majesty’s Pleasure on King West in preparation for World Mastercard Fashion Week. Despite using a light exfoliator every day, and using high quality moisturizers and serums, I was informed that my skin was still very dehydrated and needed an intense exfoliation to remove dry skin.

As I laid there soaking up every minute of the treatment with my favourite Tata Harper products, I started to think of what I needed to do to revamp my skincare routine, especially entering the colder months that are always harder on the skin. It was clear to me that I needed to take my daily routine to a new level, and introduce something that would help my skin stay as healthy and radiant as possible. After all, I need every bit of help I can get to be camera-ready on a daily basis!


Enter the Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System with sonic technology that I will be using over the next 30 days for my first fall beauty challenge of the year. After all, according to the box, women who use Philips PureRadiance experience 90% deeper pore cleansing, 88% softer skin, 87% more radiant skin, and 81% more even skin tone. And who wouldn’t want that? I’m certain I’ll be glowing by my 28th birthday at the end of the November!


The Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System promises to be gentle enough to use twice a day, and great for all skin types. In fact, it is meant to be as gentle as hand cleansing, and yet 10x more effective, which is nothing to joke about – especially when dealing with the removal of makeup and not-so-fresh city air off of your face.


The multi-speed and advanced dual-motion of the brush can be used with your favourite cleanser, in or out of the shower. My cleanser of choice for this Fall Beauty Challenge is the all-natural cleanser by Body Blitz that’s made right here in Ontario with all-natural ingredients.


So here we go, the first day of this year’s Fall Beauty Challenge: 30 Days with The New Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System starts now! Looking forward to sharing the results with you in one month’s time – stay tuned!



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