CIL Colour Centre Shipping Container Pop-Up with Yanic Simard

With designer Yanic Simard at the CIL Colour Centre Pop-Up

Many of you may not know this, but up until last November, I worked for a friend’s startup real estate app full-time while simultaneously running my blog (also full-time). Yes, it was a lot of work – and it definitely felt like I was overextending myself to keep up with both – but at the end of the day, I’m so appreciative of everything I learned over the course of 3.5 years with the company. For starters, it ignited a passion for real estate that most certainly did not exist beforehand and I’m proud to say that it was because of what I learned that helped me find a way to buy my own home in downtown Toronto at the age of 25.

Before I purchased #CasaGC, I had become rather obsessed with the new trend of building modern homes out of shipping containers. If you are not yet familiar with this trailblazing form of building new homes in a modern and more affordable way, I highly encourage you to google it immediately. It’s absolutely incredible to see what people have created out of these inexpensive and sustainable containers – seriously it will blow your mind! If you’ve got a little plot of land, you can essentially hire a company to show up and install your new home that can be bigger and better than any modern condo – and be completed in about a week!

When I heard that CIL paint was launching the CIL Colour Centre shipping container pop-up tour to celebrate the introduction of the new CIL pain colour centre, my ears instantly perked up and I couldn’t wait to see what they had created. Luckily I was invited to the media preview right before the launch of the tour, and was able to experience the amazing space first-hand. CIL teamed up with celebrity designer, Yanic Simard of Toronto Interior Design Group, to transform the 20-feet-by-20-feet shipping container to create an eye-catching decor that showcases creativity through colour, design and unique, achievable DIY projects.

CIL Colour Centre Shipping Container Pop-Up with Yanic Simard

I will admit that I am pretty conservative when it comes to paint colour (my entire house is off white), but, I was totally amazed by how Yanic transformed the CIL Colour Centre shipping container, and created multiple vignettes to inspire your own DIY design project at home no matter what your taste. Because I know that many of you are starting your lives in new condos and homes, I was eager to share more information on the new CIL Colour Centre pop-up since painting your home or apartment is a serious part of adulting! And for anyone who is far more DIY-inclined than I am, here are some of my favourite ideas from Yanic:

Baby’s First (Faux) Fireplace

CIL Colour Centre Shipping Container Pop-Up with Yanic Simard

Can you believe that the Teddy Bear painting above the fireplace was created by painting the front of the bear in the basket and then pressing him against the canvas!? I couldn’t! This is such a great idea for a baby room and would be a wonderful (and very thoughtful) gift.

DIY Nautical Stripes & Antiques

CIL Colour Centre Shipping Container Pop-Up with Yanic Simard

I could immediately see how this design look would add a really unique flair to any cookie-cutter condo in the city. I love the DIY striped statement wall, as well as the addition of antique dresser. Yanic said he left the drawers as is, and painted the rest, after sawing the entire thing in half! With a smaller width, this dresser would be perfect in a foyer or any smaller living space. Genius!

The Eclectic Kitchen

CIL Colour Centre Shipping Container Pop-Up with Yanic Simard

Perhaps it was the assortment of random knick knacks on display, but I was instantly drawn to the fun and colourful look of this kitchen vignette. Something about the colour combinations just made me feel so darn happy! It didn’t hurt that my outfit happened to coordinate with it quite well either. Can you believe that Yanic created the bright yellow “tile” backsplash with paint alone? I was amazed!

The new CIL Colour Centre is now exclusively at The Home Depot locations across Canada. If you are in Toronto, I would highly encourage you to take the opportunity to visit the CIL Colour Centre Shipping Container pop up in person while you can. This weekend along the travelling gallery can be found in Yonge & Dundas Square and the Distillery District before it packs up and heads to Montreal. Not only are you guaranteed to be inspired when you visit, but you will also have the chance to receive a 10-minute custom design consultation and leave with new CIL paint chips and personal design advice for your home.

 For more information, visit and follow along with the  #CILdreamitdoit hashtag.




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