Motel by Denise Prince

One of the best parts about moving is getting to decorate a new space from scratch. With exactly one month to go before I move into my new place, it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about the “wall candy”. Although investing in original artwork might be out of my price range at this stage in my life, buying cheap and cheerful prints (and then framing them) isn’t.

Personally, I like to buy art online, and in the midst of my search for new artwork, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Saatchi has an online store filled with their “online artists” where you can buy both original artwork, and print versions for a miniscule fraction of the price. Even if you’re not moving, or looking for new artwork for your walls, buying prints is a fantastic wallet-friendly gift idea to keep in mind as we approach the holiday season.

Take a look at some of my top pics from Saatchi’s online store below!


A Young Kwon


Gissa Vem by Pernilla Iggstrom


Disappointment by Leeay Aikawa


Happy Face by Robert Foster

To view more from Saatchi’s online store click HERE!