This weekend my NYC-based Teen Vogue bestie, Sara, came to visit me and it was just the best! time! ever! Her real name is Squirrel (because squirrel means girl, if you haven’t caught on to that yet) and it works particularly well when your “other” name starts with “S” and you have really nice super long brown hair as she does.

Our adventure in Toronto together over the past five days obviously consisted of maje EDS (eating, drinking and shopping), and I’m quite certain that we single handedly doubled the sales at Dragon City Mall for 2012. There’s really no stopping us when you’ve got a store full of bedazzled pink crap.

Anyway, here’s a little photo diary of what we did and where we went. You could consider it to be a mini guide to some of my favourite places in the city. I MISS YOU ALREADY SQUIRREL, COME BACK SOON!

Getting our nails done together is always the first thing we do when we are reunited. In Toronto, we always go to Urban Nails. We obviously needed some sustenance before having to make important decisions about nail colours, and so we went Libretto on the Danforth. Naturally, Squirrels outfit matched her pizza.

Libretto’s lunch time Prix Fixe Menu is seriously like my favourite thing in the whole world.

Surprisingly, we didn’t get matching BFF nails, but, we did get colour coordinated Barbie nails instead! Don’t you just love? The next day we popped into Miracle Thieves and picked up these totes amaze finger rings that the owner, Tiffany, brought back from her recent trip to the Philippines.

When dealing with 40 degree heat in Toronto, there is obviously nothing better than hiding from the outdoors with $4 caesars from The Lakeview in hand.

After our lunch, I felt it was too hot to stand up so we went for a lie down in Trinity Bellwoods. Our “nap” looked something rather like this.

Then we walked over to Penny Arcade  and I found this AMAZING vintage leather jacket!! I don’t think you can ever have too many leather jackets, and I don’t have any that are studded so this one hardly even counts. I also got an amazing pair of polka dot shorts, while Squirrel picked up a sweet jean jacket and a vintage Mickey Mouse tank. Score!

Later we spent the rest of our Friday night with a billion screaming teenage girls, to watch Conor Maynard at The Mod Club. I would be lying if I said we weren’t right there with them in terms of excitement. Um, I mean, have you heard Vegas Girl yet!? Do it now HERE #MAYNIACS

Ps. wise words from The Mod Club bathroom.

OMG  we lined up with all the other kids for an hour after the show, but this picture with Conor obvi made it worth it! I asked him why he wasn’t wearing his leopard kicks and he said he left them in England. #Swag

This is the breakfast I made for Squirrel on Saturday morning. Poached eggs, kale salad, olive bread and mango chunks. But this really has nothing on the brie and pear on olive bread grilled cheese sandwich snack I made her the next day!

Um, have you ever seen something quite so amazing in your whole life? This is Squirrel trying on a shirt from my friends new online shop, Nowhereland. If you couldn’t tell already, she is a maximalist.

Oh here’s me in my new crop to from Nowhereland, along with the DIY shopping bag they gave me to hold all the other goodies I got!

Then we went to Cold Tea in Kensington for a cold beer and found that Rock Lobster had popped up for the day to provide food. They made lobster tacos, rolls and ceviche. It was basically the best thing that’s ever happened to us on a Saturday afternoon.

That night we went to a backyard dinner party and they gave us sparklers at the end, win!

This is from Sunday night with my besties, spent eating Libretto (again, but this time it was takeout!) on Steph’s couch and watching the Kardashians. Can you blame us? It was the episode that Kanye was on!! Also, I’m very pleased to introduce you to my favourite new app: Kitty Booth.

Note our matching Miansai, Giles & Brother, and Jenny Bird for Burt’s Bees #ForTheBees bracelets, and that’s just on one wrist! I was so happy to finally take Squirrel to my favourite brunch spot in Toronto, Lady Marmalade. Last time we tried to go on a weekend and the line was far too long, Monday morning was a much better choice. It was naturally followed by shopping at Value Village where I found D&G pants for $7.99, like omg!

Squirrel’s last night  in Toronto is always spent at 416 Snackbar. It’s also a really great excuse for me to go for the fifth time in one week. Their oysters and pork buns will fix any life problems you have. xo