Did you know that chocolate is actually good for you? It’s true! When in its rawest and most natural form of Cacao, anyway. David Wolfe is considered to be the world’s top authority on natural health, and he is a huge advocate for the health benefits of raw cacao. While I already enjoy a sprinkling of raw cacao in my cereal, or in a smoothie (it’s a great replacement for naughty chocolate chips!) it was interesting to listen to David during his TED Talk  when he discussed some of the unexpected ways you can incorporate raw cacao into your lifestyle. Eager to find out more, I asked him for more details, here’s what he had to say:


David’s Top 5 Reasons Why He Loves Cacao:

1. It’s Nutritious: cacao is an extraordinary source of the following minerals: magnesium, iron, chromium, vanadium, copper, zinc, phosphorus

2. It’s Delicious: cacao is the most chemically complex flavor in the world (over 1200 chemical elements form the flavour, making it by far the most complex tasting food in the world)

3. It’s Alchemical: cacao is a “delivery system.” Its theobromine dilates the intestines and cardiovascular system allowing more nutrients to be absorbed.

4. It’s Interesting: cacao is an interesting tree to grow. The fruit or “pods” grow right out of the trunk of the tree, instead of from the limbs of the tree. Cacao is a heavy feeder requiring a tropical climate with heat and moisture as well as lots soil nutrients.

5. It’s Loved: cacao has been associated with love and the heart by all cultures that have enjoyed its benefits.


David’s Top 5 Cacao (Food) Products to Buy and Try:

1. Sacred Chocolate raw chocolate bars

2. Bua Bar (raw chocolate bar)

3. Immortal Machine drink mix (raw chocolate superfood drink mix)

4. Raw Cacao Powder

5. Raw Cacao Butter


David’s Top 5 Cacao (Non-Food) Products to Buy and Try:

1. Chocolate Lip Balm

2. How Now Brown Cacao (body lotion…unbelievable!)

3. Raw Cacao Butter (natural skin-care and sunscreen)

4. Theodent Chocolate toothpaste (Theodent brand)

5. Cacao bean shells are nitrogen-rich fertilizer for gardens


David’s Top 5 Favourite Ways to Consume Cacao:

1. Take whole cacao beans and dip them in honey.

2. Blend cacao beans and honey into different types of herbal teas

3. Fresh out of the pod!

4. Crush cacao in a stone-grinder and make real chocolate bars

5. Add cacao nibs to guacamole. This is a recipe that is thousands of years old!


Watch David’s informative Talk below!