A label is prime real estate for a brand (obviously) and there’s very few brands that you come across who forgo advertising their logo, especially for art. The only brand, especially a beverage brand, that springs to mind is Jones Soda Co., who marketed their new line with original photos featured on their labels back in the nineties.

Although I always loved the images on Jones Soda, and thought it was such a great idea (didn’t everyone else too?) sadly it wasn’t something that really caught on in the marketing world.

Until now that is. Perhaps taking a queue from Jones Soda, a new Ontario brewer featuring original artwork from around the world on its labels, recently hit the market this fall.

Collective Arts Brewing is a grassroots brewing company whose aim is to combine the “cultural influences of music, film and the arts” with the “inspired brewmasters wore are on the forefront of craft brewing.”

In their inaugural art series. Collective Arts Brewing received submissions not just from Torontonians, but artists all over the world who caught word of their call for art.

Like what you see, and the idea? Collective Arts is currently calling in work for their second series, and you have until December 2013 to submit your work! The call is not limited to just visual art pieces either, they are also calling in works from musicians and film makers. Even better? They pay you if your work is selected!

If you’re interested in submitting your work, or finding out more about how it all works please click HERE.

For now, you can take a look at some of my favourite labels below…


Label #3, untitled illustration by Phil Wrigglesworth of London, UK.


Label #11, Dazed and Confused illustration by Vanessa Schoth, Los Angeles, CA.


Label #63, So Bright by Andy Kittmer, St. Mary, ON.