If you happen to be as obsessed with cute kitchenware as I am, then set of blue bird measuring cups featured in my Paleo Gluten-Free Coconut Flour Banana Pancakes recipe may have caught your eye. They are from non-other than the super cute online home shop, Colom and Brit. A coral sculpture from $24.00? Oh! Maybe the octopus is even better? Or do I just need them both? See, I can hardly visit the home page without filling up my shopping cart in mere minutes.

For this City Guide I wanted to step away from the major cities we all know and love, and instead learn about somewhere that’s not quite as obvious, but a hidden gem nonetheless. I called upon Colom and Brit‘s founder, Gloria Franklin, to give us a tour of her Cleveland, Ohio. After all, a woman with her eye and taste is sure to have some great recommendations for where to go. Take it away Gloria!

City Guide: Gloria Franklin of Colom and Brit’s Cleveland:

Where To Eat:

Breakfast: Breakfast at Sweet Melissa‘s is a great way to start off the day! The exposed brick wall and industrial lighting really gives the place character. I’m pretty plain when it comes to breakfast so I just go for the Classic but everyone loves their wraps. Get there early, it fills up quick!

Lunch: You have to have lunch outdoors in Little Italy. This place has so much charm! The brick road is lined with cafe tables and back-to-back, family-owned, old school Italian restaurants. Seriously, every place is so good, it’s hard to recommend just one restaurant. After lunch, stop by the Italian bakery and get a freshly made dessert to go.

Dinner: I tend to choose places to eat based on the restaurant’s atmosphere and decor rather than their actual food (seriously, I could order a rice cake and be perfectly happy as long as the restaurant had a great vibe), but if The Grotto in Shaker Square had an unimpressive environment, I would still eat there. This place really does have amazing food! They have an extensive wine menu and their chicken dish is delicious.

Where to Drink:

The Bar: Pier W has amazing panoramic views of Lake Erie. It’s known as one of the most romantic restaurants in Cleveland but if you go during happy hour, it’s way more laid back. The live pianist reserves the classical music for dinner and plays uptempo Billy Joel and such for happy hour. Great views, amazing bar, 1/2 off seafood, 1/2 off drinks, you can’t beat it!

The Party: The Warehouse District has the best nightlife in Cleveland. With blocks of bars, lounges and clubs all within walking distance, dancing and barhopping is highly encouraged.

Where to Shop:

The Shoppes at Crocker Park: Whenever the weather is nice in Cleveland, you have to be outside and enjoy it because it doesn’t last very long! Crocker Park is an outdoor mall filled with chain restaurants and great retailers like Anthropologie, H&M, Sephora, etc.

Yellowcake Shop: I am a Project Runway Junkie! Former contestant Valerie Mayen opened her own boutique and sells her designs right here in Cleveland.

Where to… go for a scenic drive: 

I like to drive down Lake Road in the Cleveland suburb of Bay Village. This street is borders the lake and is lined with charming lake cottages and beautiful mansions. There are plenty of areas to park and enjoy the beach as well.


Do you have any favourite spots in Cleveland? Leave a comment and let us know!