Here’s a little post I originally wrote for the Capezio Shoes Blog about my recent trip to NYC and BK, enjoy!

Ah, New York. Is there anywhere quite like it? Definitely not. Even though I am happily settled in Toronto, I need a New York “fix” at least twice a year, and last weekend I got my second one of 2013. The first of the year being back in February when I went down for New York Fashion Week. So what did I do? Mainly hung out (it was a vacation after all!) and hit some of my favourite spots in New York City and Brooklyn, which seems to be where I spend most of my time lately. I mean hey, if it’s chic enough for Jay-Z and Beyonce, it’s chic enough for me! Here are 8 things I did during my most recent visit:

1. Ate Korean food in Korea Town


One of the best things about hanging out above 14th street in Manhattan is Korean Town. After a late morning meeting in Times Square, I decided to walk back downtown, and ended up stopping in for lunch at a place called Korea Spoon on Korea Way, which is on West 32nd street between Fifth and Sixth. Every single restaurant on Korea Way is, well, Korean, so it can get a little overwhelming trying to decide on which one to try. Korea Spoon is definitely one to remember.

2. Said Hi to The Outnet HQ


While living in London, UK, I discovered not only Net-a-Porter, but their outlet/sale site called The Outnet. Due to my extremely low bank balance while living there, The Outnet soon replaced Net-a-Porter as my go-to site for designer duds. Recently I was surprised to learn that most people in Canada don’t know about The Outnet. If you happen to fall into that category, GO TO THEOUTNET.COM RIGHT NOW!

3. Sat in a Glam Pod


Inside the extremely glamourous HQ of The Outnet (everything is black and white, and very shiny okay) they have these things called “Glam Pods” that you can sit in and just be really majorly glamorous. Of course my best friend Sara and I did not pass up the chance to do just that.

4. Sake at The Secret Sake Bar


To be honest, I don’t actually know the name of my favourite sake bar in Manhattan. A bit ridiculous, I know, considering I’ve been frequenting this East Village spot for the past six years, but it’s true. It’s so small, I’m not sure I want to even tell you exactly where it is – I really think it’s one of the best kept secrets in the city, and it literally has about 10 seats in the entire bar. Here’s a hint, it’s near 7th and B (which is the only way I can ever remember where it is) and if you’re lucky, the bartender that looks like a Japanese version of Johnny Depp will be there.

5. Went to see Kurt Vile

kurt vile nyc

I love Kurt Vile so much that I literally planned my entire New York visit around his show. Planning a trip for a concert is totally new for me, so this was kind of a big deal. He is a big deal. I love him.

6. Had The Best Breakfast Sandwich


When I stay in Brooklyn, I stay in Carroll Gardens — probably one of my favourite places on earth, and not just because we share the same name. The area is so quick to get to-and-from the city, and offers a far more relaxed neighbourhood vibe that’s filled with cool shops and young families. As a food nerd, one of my favourite places to go to is The Court Street Grocers for their amazing breakfast sandwich. I like to say it’s the best cure for a hangover as an excuse to eat one every day while I’m there, even when I’m not actually hungover.

7. Met the Glam owner of Shen Beauty


Sara introduced me to a boutique in Brooklyn, that’s a place to note for any beauty lover out there. Shen is like walking into a beautiful apartment that’s filled from floor-to-ceiling with the best makeup and beauty products on the market. Even better is that there’s a huge emphasis on top quality natural products – a big plus in my books. While I was there I was fortunate enough to meet one of the owners, Jessica Richards, who showed off her totally major new Thakoon coat, pictured above.

8. Had a ‘Bloody Mary’ at Brooklyn Crab


As a Canadian, it’s always funny to see the blank stares you receive when you try and order a Caesar while visiting the U.S. What’s not funny is not being able to get one, and, sorry, but a Bloody Mary is not the same thing. Nevertheless I was happy to sip on the next best thing – the Bloody Mary – on the rooftop of Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook on the sunny Saturday afternoon before I headed back to Toronto.


What are some of your favourite spots in NYC/Brooklyn? Leave a comment and let us know!