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When a bottle of Criollo Bourbon Dark Chocolate showed up at my doorstep, my mind instantly started racing, wondering what I could conjure up in the kitchen to satisfy my tastebuds at cocktail hour. As you may have noticed from some of my other cocktail recipes, I don’t have a very prominent sweet tooth, and prefer to drink and create cocktails that let the liquors speak for themselves.

A bourbon dark chocolate liquor, however, is different. Just like chocolate itself, it can be transformed in so many different ways to satisfy the desires of those looking for something sweet, or savoury – or even spicy! At this time of year, I wanted to create something classic and festive to celebrate the holiday season; my mind almost instantly wandered to the classic Old Fashioned and how it could be infused to create something more decadent in December. With a quick google search, I found this recipe from the Bourbon Blog that inspired this very tasty (and easy to make!) drink.

See how to make your very own Chocolate Old Fashioned Recipe below!

Chocolate Old Fashionied Recipe Criollo 2

What You Need:

1 Maraschino cherry (preferably the original by Luxardo)

1 orange peel

Angostura Bitters

2 oz your favourite whisky

1 oz Criollo Bourbon Dark Chocolate Liquor


Chocolate Old Fashionied Recipe Criollo 1

What To Do:

- Place the cherry, orange peel and bitters together in your desired cocktail glass and muddle together.

- Add the muddled mix and handful of ice to a cocktail shaker along with whisky and Criollo Bourbon Dark Chocolate

- Stir everything together until chilled and well combined

- Refill your cocktail glass with ice and strain the cocktail mixture over top

- Garnish with orange peel and serve

Chocolate Old Fashionied Recipe Criollo 4

Easy right? It’s delicious too!




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