Sports and sophisticated foods aren’t normally associated with one another, but Chef Matthew Sullivan is swiftly changing what it means to eat “sports foods” at his new gig as the Executive Chef at Real Sports Bar & Grill in Toronto. I caught up with Chef Matthew to talk food, sports, and Drake, at Real Sports.

GC: Sports and sophisticated food aren’t normally associated with one another, how are you trying to change the food experience at Real Sports?

MS: I am trying to create dishes that appeal to sports fans but are created with integrity, while using modern technique and only fresh product. I am not trying to be pretentious with the food here, but I just want it to taste so good that people aren’t sure why they like it so much, they just know they do.

GC: What are some of the perks, and some of the challenges, of catering to a sports bar crowd?

MS: A perk is that people are here to have a good time and the atmosphere and vibe is so crazy that there is no way that people leave without having a good time and enjoying their food. A challenge is that everyone for the most part is coming in at the same time and need to leave at the same time. Meaning that we get everyone’s order at once and they all need to leave in a timely manner. As far as their pallets go, I think Toronto as a whole has grown in terms of food parameters and it is no different with us here. Our fans are willing to try new food items and for the most part get excited about them.


GC: What was your inspiration behind your new holiday menu? Which one is your favourite dish?

MS: My inspiration with this holiday menu was just creating dishes that I like to eat during this time of the year. My favourite dish is hands down “The Most Wonderful Hot Turkey Sandwich of The Year”  because it is so comforting and delicious.

GC: In your ideal night at Real Sports, what game would be on the big screen, where would you sit, what would you order, and what would you drink?

MS: Last year, I would of answered this question differently, but now, I would want to watch the Raptors play the Cavs. I would be sitting in a center booth, drinking pints of Canadians, eating wings, our DIY flat iron and the hot turkey sandwich.


GC: What is the probability of getting to see Drake at Real Sports? 

MS: I’d say between 0 – 100 (real quick)

For the hungry (and foodie) sports fans out there, I highly recommend making a trip down to Real Sports, especially to try Chef Matthew’s amazing holiday menu that’s only available for a limited time. On a side note, all the single ladies out there, I’m pretty sure this is where all the straight men in the city are hiding.

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Thank you Chef Matthew!



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