Whenever I smell beeswax I can’t help but think of love. It really is the only way that I can describe the scent, and I will tell you so every and any time that it comes under my nose. Being such a fan of honey, and, well, “the smell” of loooove, you can only imagine how devastating it is to face the sad truth that bees in Canada are on the decline.

If you’re thinking “Oh boo hoo, who cares about the bees?” Here’s why you should care, a lot:

- In Canada, pollinators produce over $1.2 billion worth of crops annually.

- Bees do a lot of heavy lifting to  keep life on earth in balance; they make 1/3 of our nutritious food.

- They function as a buzzing alarm system for our planet’s ecosystem.

- Half of Canada’s 43 types of bumble bees are currently threatened.

- The Rusty-patched Bumble bee has declined by 99% in the last decade and is now rare.

For the second year in a row, Burt’s Bees has partnered with one of my favourite Canadian designers, Jenny Bird, to create a limited-edition #WildForBees bee bracelet and (new this year!) earrings. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the 14-karat gold dipped brass pieces will go to the Pollinator Partnership Canada, a not-for-profit collaboration dedicated to restoring populations of pollinator species.

Check out this year’s bee now hanging out with last year’s bee!

Aside from the horrific idea of living without delicious honey and beautifully-scented beeswax, can you really imagine life without bees? I mean, being at the top of the food chain sure is great, until there’s no food in the chain. To give you an idea of why these bracelets and this partnership are so special, in it’s first year alone the Wild for Bees partnership raised over $22,000 for our declining bee populations. Have you ever needed more of a reason to buy new friendship bracelets? I don’t think so.

SHOP: To purchase your very own Jenny Bird x Burt’s Bees bracelet and set of earrings ($24 each) please visit BurtsBees.ca and Jenny-Bird.com.

“help us to save the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees and the food that we need…”

Thank you for your support! For the bees! #WildForBees