Personally, I don’t give a flip where I shop, so long as I can shop. I get just as excited about gems I find in Wal-Mart, or dig up in the Salvation Army, as the ones I find in Holt Renfrew – true story! Hearing about a yard sale is like heaven to my ears (especially when it’s one of a fashion girl) making the Textstyles sale #1 on my Saturday To Do list over the weekend.

Stefania is moving house and needed to clear out some of her much loved goods, and I was happy to help her do so (because i am obviously a hoarder when it comes to all things fashion, beauty, random and cute). I’m super pleased with my new treasures, It was great to pick up new pieces from some of my favourite Canadian designers and give them a new home.

Check out my thrilling finds below:

1. Cream raw silk crop top by Nor Black Nor White

2. Black cotton crop tee with slit sleeves by LABEL

3. Vintage Pendleton-esque jacket

4. White and grey oversized cotton tees by Obakki

5. Indiglo watch by Timex

So what was my total? $40! Scoooooooooooore.