Happy Boxing Day to me! I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest Lady Gaga fan out there, but can anyone really say they aren’t fascinated by her? Plus, she is always so darn cool to look at. Saying that, I’ve been kinda obsessed with all the shots Terry Richardson took of her, that they then put together in a book. I was tempted to buy it when I saw it on sale for 30% off at Chapters, but decided to think about it over Dim Sum. Then I went to The World’s Biggest Book Store and found it for 50% off, and now I own it. Yay!

What better way to spend a Wednesday than by looking through a galleria of my fave Gaga pics, and also watching a some of my fave Gaga videos? There really isn’t a better way.

Gaga7 Gaga6 Gaga5 Gaga4 Gaga3 Gaga2 Gaga1