When you’re a blogger, sometimes you just want to lay out all of your favourite new beauty products next to some fresh flowers, take a few pictures and call it a day. Trust me, it’s normal. Haven’t you read the 30 Signs You Follow Too Many Fashion Bloggers on Instagram yet?

But really, as I wait for it to resemble something close to spring outside, I can’t help but live vicariously through some of the beautiful new floral and/or plant-centric beauty products that have found a permanent place in my beauty drawers. If you too are looking to brighten up your days with some therapeutic beauty product shopping, here are some of the top spring beauty products to consider:


I’m not sure what’s more fun, staring into this stunning bottle of Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica, or casually saying that you’re wearing ‘Balenciaga’ when someone asks you. All I know is either way it’s a G-L-A-M situation. Now, forgive me Father for I have sinned. I am shamelessly promoting a new perfume because, well, it has my name on it. Can you blame me? Philosophy‘s new limited edition Sunshine Grace perfume really does smell just like sunshine and grace in a bottle. Daisy by Marc Jacobs has always been a favourite summer scent of mine — it’s so light and pretty! Every once in awhile some classics need an update. Or you just need an excuse to buy another perfume you love. Marc’s got you covered this spring with his latest reincarnation of Daisy as Daisy Delight.


Speaking of smells, girl what are you using under them pits? Did you know that antiperspirants have been linked to causing breast cancer and Alzheimers? I can’t think of better reasons to switch over to natural deodorants immediately! Sure, their performance might not be as great, but does it matter when it’s saving your life? I’ve recently discovered deodorant creams and have become totally addicted. My latest choice being the 100% natural cream deodorant in ‘Lavender Tea Tree’ by Toronto-based LOVEFRESH which smells divine. Deodorant cream is just as it sounds; a little pot of cream that you rub around your underarms. It takes some getting used to but it’s really not much different from applying lotion to any other part of your body.

Now that our armpits are smelling good and moisturized, we can’t forget about the our most important beauty feature – the face! I always start and end my day with a hydrating mist. My skin literally drinks it in. Right now I love Kosmea’s Hydrating Rose Water Mist, especially when in its compact travel size so that I can carry it around in my purse at all times.

The constant rotation of long days and equally long nights often leaves me looking pretty worn out. The most telling sign are the huge dark bags that seem to be permanently placed under my eyes. I love the Lotus Eye Gel by Fresh with it’s calming cucumber extract, for helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Although dark spots aren’t really a huge concern when you’re still in your twenties, there’s no harm in “brightening” things up around your face, and making your skin tone more even, especially after such a long dark winter. Burt’s Bees’ Brightening Dark Spot Corrector with Daisy Extract can be conveniently picked up at your local Shopper’s Drug Mart!


Don’t you just love the name Flower Empower? I sure do. The fragrance of this not-just-body-lotion from new Toronto-based brand, Aromacentric, was inspired by the perfume worn by the creator, Carol-Ann Granatstein’s mother, and the smell is rich with jasmine. The lotion itself is ultra moisturizing and yet still light which is great during the transitional months we find ourselves in now.


It should not come as a surprise that I would coordinate my face serum with my face mist. Besides, just using something called ‘Wild Rose‘ is extra chic, don’t you think? I love this luxe red beauty by Korres. After the mist and the serum comes the cream moisturizer. Don’t you just love the idea of a green cream that’s a “salad for your face”? If you aren’t much of a fan of floral-scented beauty products, Graydon’s Green Cream is definitely for you. The cream literally smells like a delicious Italian-dressed salad that you want to eat off of your own face. This would also be a great option if you’re looking to gift your man with a natural moisturizer that you can enjoy too. Wink wink.

As you may have noticed, aside from the perfumes, my spring selection is rather focused on natural products and skincare rather than makeup. That’s because I believe that the best beauty feature you can have is great skin. It takes work to take care of it, but you’ll never regret the effort. When it comes to your beauty products, pay attention to what’s in them, and always buy the best that you can afford. After all, if you care about what goes into your body, why wouldn’t care about what goes on it?

Do you have questions about natural beauty products or need more recommendations?

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