That old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is one that I truly love, and believe in. I mean, I LOVE digging through junk shops, consignment stores and yard sales. Always have and always will. To me there’s just nothing better than finding something and thinking to yourself, “what kind of fool would throw this gem out!?”

It is understandable that not everyone likes to hunt for treasure in a heap of junk. It can often be overwhelming to scour through tons of crap with the hope of finding something half decent. If this is often what keeps you from second hand shopping, you’ll be pleased to find out that the girls from Blackbird Jewelry have organized an indoor three-day “yard sale” on Ossington this weekend that will only feature “trash” that is “fab-u-lous!”

Imagine getting to shop your most stylish friend’s closet, except in this case it’s numerous closets of numerous stylish people that you will be shopping. From what I hear, last year there was a very large quantity of designer goods that were snapped up for mega cheap!

To celebrate the sale, and kick it off right, the Blackbird girls are here with an awesome DIY. Because the only thing better than a fabulous clothing sale is, well, a fabulous craft time! Find out the sale details and how to make their glam headpieces below:

Blackbird’s Regan in the Gold Goddess Headpiece


Chain of choice
Jump rings
Old earring or broach – try to choose one that has multiple joints like ours
Measuring Tape
Chain cutters
Two jewellery pliers of your choice (We used flat and round nosed pliers)

Step 1:
Cut 1 piece of chain 6″ Long
Cut 2 pieces of chain 9″ long
Cut 3 pieces of chain 10″ long
Cut 2 pieces of chain 11″ long

*You may have to add or reduce length depending on the size of your head.

Step 2:

Using your pliers, remove the earring hook from your earring.

Step 3:
Choose where you would like to attach the chains or your earring. These two chains will become the base and lie on either side of your head.
Attach your two 11″ chain pieces with jump rings, one on each side of your earring.   Follow the same steps with two 10″ chains, and lastly 9″ chains.

Step 4:

Gather the 9″, 10′, and 11″ chains on one side, and attach them together with a jump ring.   Do the same on the other side.

Step 5:
Attach the 6″ chain to the top of your earring, where you detached the hook. This is the chain that will lay down the centre of your head.   Take the centre chain, and attach it to the joined chains that will all attach at the back of your head.

Step 6:
Done! Secure with bobby pins and Rock that Headpiece!

Blackbird’s Vanessa in the Gun Metal Queen Headpiece

Thick sturdy chain

Skinny chain

Jump rings

Decoration – you can use an old necklace, leftover chain, beads, or just about anything!

Step 1:
Cut 1 piece of thick chain to 21.5″ or the diameter of your head.
Cut 1 skinny chain to 9.5″ or the centre part of your head

(Adjust accordingly to fit your head)

Step 2:
Attach the two ends of the thick chain together using a jump ring

Step 3:
Try to hide the jump ring within the decoration you add.   Centre your chain, and find the right spot to attach all your extras.  Get creative! Ours can be worn front or back.

Step 4:
Attach the skinny chain to the centre of your decoration and the corresponding centre of chain.

Step 5:

Wow, you clever minx!  You’re  done!

Not feeling crafty? We go you covered! BUY YOURS HERE!

To view the Yard Sale event page on Facebook click HERE!