1. After many, many brunch-time caesars, Steph and I decided to celebrate the best Sunday ever by getting bestie tattoos. Luckily, we weren’t drunk enough to get real ones, and went for fake ones by Tattly that we found at The Drake General Store instead. If you can’t tell from our happy faces, we are now actually considering getting these for real. Also, we are now obsessed with peel-n-stick tattoos.

2. Who wouldn’t buy these!? We scored the last one in stock, suckas! We heart Tattly.

3. A Steph text to me: “G, I made an artsy photo…”

4. When my bestie tattoo washed off it was such a sad morning, but then I remembered that Swedish brand, Fake Tattoos,  sent me a bunch of their tatts to play with and I was sooo happy again! This company is rad because you can literally shop all of their tattoos online, and they are FDA tested and completely non toxic. Safety first people!

5. My new (temporary) tattoos. Fake tatts are the new cray cray nails! That’s all.